370 0181.jpgMiller PhotographyThe UFT marchers step out on Fifth Avenue during the annual Pride march on June 26.
370 0009.jpgMiller PhotographyTeachers from Pan American International HS, Queens, and the Community School for Social Justice, the Bronx, are in step and solidarity.
370 0078.jpgMiller PhotographyRashad Brown, a science teacher at PS/IS 224 in the Bronx, gets into the spirit of the parade with a rainbow of balloons.
370 0050.jpgMiller PhotographyA group from the HS for Health Professions revels in the party atmosphere.
370 0051.jpgMiller PhotographySusan Agosto (left) of PS 18, the Bronx, and Darlene Post of the UFT Be BRAVE Against Bullying program.
370 0056.jpgMiller PhotographyA contingent from the Bronx celebrates with big smiles.
370 0081.jpgMiller PhotographyA flurry of rainbow balloons.

The UFT was well represented at the annual Pride march along Fifth Avenue on June 26. More than 1 million people viewed the parade, one of the largest ever, in the wake of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, two weeks earlier.

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