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Mulgrew responds to DeVos profile

In its July 25, 2017 issue, New York magazine profiled Betsy DeVos, the U.S. education secretary, writing, "DeVos’s tenure has so far seemed like a litany of blunders and humiliations that have made her a target of protest and an object of ridicule."

UFT President Michael Mulgrew sent the following letter to New York magazine in response:

The Betsy DeVos proposals are the best evidence available of the real agenda of education “reformers” — to transform public education into a private marketplace.

Her rise to power came through strategic political donations. She has no experience in — or understanding of — public education, other than a generalized contempt for public schooling.

The “reforms” she backed in Michigan have been a disaster, particularly in Detroit, where low-performing charters compete to sign up students not to provide better instruction but to boost the schools’ bottom lines.

DeVos’ plan for unregulated charter school growth and private school vouchers would pour public money into the coffers of private school operators. It would be a disaster for public education in the United States, particularly for our most vulnerable students.

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