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Mulgrew responds to mayor's contract remarks

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said at the April 17 Citizens Budget Commission breakfast that Mayor Bloomberg will settle contracts with the city’s unions if they agree to two conditions: 1) no retroactive wage increases; and 2) workers would have to agree to contribute to the cost of their health care benefits and would have to agree to health care plans that encourage workers to quit smoking, lose weight and make other healthy lifestyle choices. UFT members have been working without a contract since October 2009.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew responded with the following statement:

Call me jaded, but my first reaction is if the mayor is looking to ‘reform’ health care, any change would be bad for the city workers he says he cares about and bad for the working people of New York.

Bringing up health care, as he is getting ready to walk out the door, is just cover for the fact that not a single union contract has been done. That’s unprecedented. And Mayor Bloomberg has left that problem for the next mayor by not budgeting for any raises. This is yet another clear example of the bad management we have suffered under this mayor.

All the teachers want is to be treated fairly. They absolutely deserve raises.

The mayor’s real legacy is that he is the mayor of the 1 percent, and he is being consistent with that as he gets ready to leave. He is always attacking working people here in the city.

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