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Mulgrew responds to misleading DOE statement on buyouts

On Sept. 21 the Department of Education released some misleading information about proposed buyouts for teachers in excess. The DOE said that in August they proposed: (1) a "$25,000 salary increase for teachers who have been rated highly effective for two years; and (2) "$25,000 to teachers who have been in the ATR pool for more than one year."

In response, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said:

Individual merit pay — the subject of the chancellor’s first bullet and a policy that has never worked for children — has nothing to do with the ATR issue.

The second bullet is misleading. The $25,000 buyout for ATRs who have been in the pool for more than one year would apply only to the minority of ATRs at the top of the salary scale. Other ATRs could collect as little as $14,000, or even less for more than a decade of work in our schools.

Despite the DOE’s mismanagement of the hiring process and the political needs of the mayor, we will continue to fight for the children in our schools, and the rights of the teachers in the ATR pool who are working hard in schools every day.

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