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Bill limiting release of teacher evaluations passes in Albany

The New York State Senate and Assembly on June 21 passed Gov. Andrew Cuomo's bill limiting the release of teacher evaluations to public school parents. In February, the New York City Department of Education was widely criticized for releasing deeply flawed teacher ratings to the public.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew released the following statement:

Today the New York State Legislature took some major steps on behalf of our schools and our children. I want to thank Governor Cuomo, Speaker Silver and Majority Leader Skelos for their leadership in working to strike an appropriate balance — ensuring that parents can have information about their children’s teachers, while helping to prevent the kind of vilification of teachers that resulted from Mayor Bloomberg’s insistence on releasing the misleading and inaccurate Teacher Data Reports last year.

I also want to thank the members of the Assembly for their efforts to stop the wholesale closing of schools in New York City and to give communities a bigger role in deciding where and how schools should be co-located in their districts. We need a comprehensive strategy to fix rather than abandon struggling schools, and we need to give parents — who have for years been ignored by the city’s Department of Education — a real role in important decisions about their local schools.

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