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State Senate renews mayoral control

The New York State Senate on Aug. 6 passed legislation on school governance, voting by a 47-8 margin to renew mayoral control.

The Senate passed additional amendments that will create a parent training center, an arts council, yearly school safety meetings, and expanded oversight of principals by superintendents.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued the following statement in response:

We are pleased that the New York State Senate has passed legislation on school governance. The passage of the Senate bill will ensure that the checks and balances that we applauded in the Assembly bill will now be included in the law.

In addition to preserving much needed resources for schools, the Senate has included additional checks and balances, which the UFT has long supported, and measures to increase parent participation, voice, and their ability to play a productive role in schools.

With the governor’s support, this bill will provide the transparency and accountability, as well as parent participation, which will allow our school system’s progress to continue.

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