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Tenure rate falls as UFT faults DOE's lack of support for new teachers

Just 55 percent of New York City public school teachers eligible for tenure received tenure last year, down from 58 percent last year and from 97 percent in 2007, the Department of Education reported on Aug. 17. At the same time, the number of teachers denied tenure has held steady at about 3 percent. Instead, the city has encouraged principals to extend probation past the third year of service if they are not certain. Roughly three-quarters of the 5,200 teachers whose probation was extended last year were granted due process rights after waiting another year.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued the following statement in response to the DOE’s announcement:

The UFT has always supported a rigorous but fair process for the granting of tenure. These numbers -- combined with the fact that nearly one-third of the teachers hired for the 2008-2009 school year walked out the door before they were even eligible for tenure -- demonstrate that the administration has yet to figure out how to provide new teachers with the proper supports that will help them become more successful.

If New York City hopes to have a great school system, it will need to come up with better methods of helping teachers develop, not only at the beginning but throughout their careers.

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