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UFT launches back-to-school TV ad

Public school teachers praise parents, community partnerships

More than 8 million broadcast and cable TV viewers in the New York area are expected to see a new television ad sponsored by the UFT that highlights the dedication of New York City public school educators.

The 30-second spot — “Ready” — will begin airing Friday, Sept. 28 on broadcast stations and cable television networks in the New York area. In addition to running before and after the Oct. 3 presidential debate, it will appear on NY1, the “Today” show, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “Good Morning America,” “Jeopardy!,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Conan,” and Yankees games.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, “Our ad shows the dedicated work our educators do in the classroom each and every day to move our public schools forward.”

The ad begins with Brooklyn 7th-grade teacher Ashley Rougier, who says, “The children in our public schools are getting ready for the future,” followed by Marcus Artigliere, a 6th-grade teacher from Sunset Park, who adds that teachers are “Ready to move our schools forward.”

Lesley-Anne P. Jones, a 5th-grade teacher in East New York, applauds teachers working with parents, “We’re ready to continue working with parents and the community.”

Other speakers featured in the spot include: Eileen Loughran-Verticchio, a 5th-grade teacher on Staten Island; Angela Stornaiuolo, a 5th-grade teacher in Bay Bridge, Brooklyn; and Toni Seawright, parent of a New York City public school student. The students portrayed in the ad are students in New York City public schools.

Total cost for the ad campaign is expected to exceed $1 million. The spot was produced by Shorr, Johnson and Magnus Strategic Media.

The ad's script reads as follows:

Video Audio

Fade up on a quick-paced montage of New York school scenes. Kids walking to school, in hallway, settling in.

TEACHER E (VO): The children in our public schools are getting ready for the future….
SFX: Bell rings

Cut to shot of teacher to camera. SUPER: Lesley-Anne Jones, NYC Public School Teacher.

TEACHER A: ….and we’re ready, too.

Cut to second teacher leading class, then to camera. SUPER: Marcus Artigliere, NYC Public School Teacher.

TEACHER B: Ready to move our schools forward.

Cut to third teacher into camera, then to two students in hallway. SUPER: Angela Stornauiulo, NYC Public School Teacher.

TEACHER C: Keeping our focus on what works for our kids.

Cut to fourth teacher into camera. Then, cut to same teacher reading to students. SUPER: Eileen Loughran-Verticchio, NYC Public School Teacher.

TEACHER D: Helping my students read all these books.

Cut to second teacher into camera.

TEACHER B: Learn a new language.

Fifth teacher showing students model of solar system.

TEACHER E: Explore the universe.

First teacher directly to camera, then cut to teacher meeting with parent.

TEACHER A: We’re ready to continue working with parents and the community...

Second teacher starts to camera, then cut to show teacher working with student.

TEACHER B: …to build great neighborhood schools for every child.

Teachers deliver lines to camera.

TEACHER D: I’m ready.

TEACHER C: I’m ready.

Cut to teacher into camera in classroom. SUPER: Ashley Rougier, NYC Public School Teacher.

TEACHER E: We’re New York public school teachers. And we’re ready.

Cut to teachers standing in hallway surrounded by school kids. SUPER: UFT logo, Michael Mulgrew, President. Paid for by United Federation of Teachers

STUDENT: Because our future…

TEACHERS TOGETHER: counts on us!

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