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UFT TV ad criticizes Bloomberg education record

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The UFT is launching a television ad on Jan. 24 that highlights many of Mayor Bloomberg's failed educational policies.

"Ten years as Mayor, and Mike Bloomberg still doesn't get it.

Fudged education test scores, closing schools, parents shut out of the process.

And just last month, Bloomberg said in a perfect world he'd cut the number of teachers in half, doubling class size."

The ad concludes with a message to the Mayor: "If you really want to do right by our kids, you'll work with teachers and parents and stop playing politics with our schools."

The 30-second ad will air from Tuesday, January 24, through Monday, January 30, on broadcast stations and cable television networks in the New York area. It will run during many popular programs, including the Today Show, Good Morning America, Letterman, the Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Knicks games, Top Chef, Project Runway, Jeopardy, Morning Joe, Meet the Press and Inside City Hall.

The broadcast buy will reach 7,261,231 viewers an average of 6.9 times; the cable showings will reach an estimated 1,135,573 viewers an average of 2.3 times.

The spot was produced by Shorr, Johnson and Magnus Strategic Media.

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