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UFT TV spot blasts Bloomberg’s education legacy

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The UFT on Jan. 4 launched a television ad campaign urging Mayor Michael Bloomberg to put politics aside and reach an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system.

The 30-second spot, titled “Moving Forward,” criticizes the mayor’s education record on topics ranging from misleading statistics and the failing schools opened by the mayor, to hiring Cathie Black as chancellor.

The ad, featuring a high school senior who was a first grader in the public school system during the mayor’s first year, says that while she has changed the mayor has not. “It’s his way or the highway.” It also accuses Bloomberg of having “no plan to support teachers” and “no strategy to improve schools.”

The spot will air through Jan. 17 on local broadcast stations as well as cable television networks in the New York area. The ad will run during some of television’s most popular shows, including “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” “The Daily Show,” “Jeopardy!,” “Judge Judy,” “SNL” and Knicks games and will appear regularly on NY1, Bravo, Lifetime, TNT, HGTV, USA and BET.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said: “The mayor’s educational legacy is unfortunately one of missed opportunities. If he wants his legacy to be anything but a decade of disaster, he will put politics aside and come to an agreement on an evaluation system that helps students and teachers succeed.”

The spot was produced by Shorr, Johnson and Magnus Strategic Media.

The ad's script reads as follows:

Video Audio

Fade up on school portrait of a first grader. SUPER: Ashlyn, 1st Grade, NYC Public School.

Eleven years ago, she entered first grade.

Shift to shot of Bloomberg in first year in office. SUPER: 2002.

He entered City Hall.

Now, transition to shot of same girl from opening. She's a high school senior. SUPER: Ashlyn, 12th Grade, NYC Public School.

And while she's changed a lot.

Transition to shot of Bloomberg today over background of newspapers. Pull-out HEADLINES: Bloomberg's Fraudulent Education Statistics., 10/18/09. DOE flubs in Race for Feds' $40M. New York Post, 12/12/12. What has Bloomberg learned from the Cathie Black disaster? Time, 4/8/11. Mike's Schools Flunking Out. Daily News, 7/22/12.

He hasn't. It's still his way or the highway, whatever the cost.

Shot of Bloomberg stays up, background changes to empty classroom with SUPER: No plan to support teachers. No strategy to improve schools.

Going after teachers — again — instead of helping them improve our schools.

Change SUPER: It's time to put politics aside.

It's time for the Mayor to put politics aside.

Fade to chalkboard, SUPER appears in chalk as images of kids and teachers fade up on the chalkboard:
Fair Teacher Evaluation System.
Give Teachers Support
Help Kids Succeed

And agree to a fair evaluation system that gives teachers the support they need to help kids succeed.

Transition to shot ofteacher working with one student and then shot of children at desk. SUPER: UFT logo and disclaimer.

That's the way to move our schools and our City forward.

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