Dorothy Callaci

UFT staff reporter

Latest stories

‘Every year, I learn more and more’

Strategies to help New York City’s public school children become socially and academically successful were the focus of the eighth annual UFT Parent Conferences held in each borough and the thousands who attended them in the fall.

Rugby scores at Park Slope school

At Brooklyn middle school, academics is a team player in championship rugby program.

Kudos to Bennett Fischer PS 231 @ PS 54, Brooklyn

Bennett Fischer, the chapter leader at PS 231 @ PS 54 in Brooklyn, seized on the UFT’s new protocol to confront redundant and excessive paperwork to address three big paperwork issues at his District 75 K–8 school.

Real-life superhero

A Brooklyn teacher saved the life of a stranger, donating her kidney to a young mother in need and teaching the students at PS 222 that superheroes really do exist.

Response team saves custodian in East Harlem

School custodian Luis Diaz is alive today thanks to the heroic efforts of the Building Response Team at co-located PS 83/182 in East Harlem.

Kudos to Joseph Valentin, MS 51, Brooklyn

MS 51 Chapter Leader Joseph Valentin’s relentless drive to increase the amount of COPE contributions at his Park Slope school is paying off — it’s up 30 percent from last September and climbing.

Three units vote to join UFT

The UFT scored three more organizing victories in the health care and nonprofit education sectors this summer.

Family fights for UFT-represented staff at preschool

Parents, shocked by high turnover and minimal wages at their daughter’s Brooklyn preschool went to bat for the beleaguered workers. Now, the UFT is trying to negotiate a first contract.

Kudos to Andrea Frederick-Marsh, PS 140, the Bronx

PS 140 Chapter Leader Andrea Frederick-Marsh’s creation of the first consultation committee at her school in the Longwood section of the Bronx has quickly paid off in a stronger, better-informed chapter that is able to head off problems before they mushroom into grievances.

The wind at their backs

Big Apple Award-winning math teacher in the Bronx keeps her 6th-graders interested and engaged with lessons that revolve around math/science inquiry-based projects.

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