Dorothy Callaci

UFT staff reporter

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181 reasons to be #PublicSchoolProud

There is reason for optimism about the future knowing it will be in the hands of the students who won Albert Shanker college scholarships presented at the awards ceremony on May 23.

Night glow

Bright blue glow-sticks lit up the evening sky as 800 students, parents and community members circled the PS/MS 124 track in South Ozone Park, Queens at the Light It Up Blue Autism Walk on April 28.

Student growth part of accountability plan

New York State will no longer measure a school’s success solely on tests scores and graduation rates. Under a new State Education Department plan, multiple measures including student growth will be factored into the school evaluation process.

Bike-powered blenders, makeup and high tech on display

The wonder of the vast and busy exhibit hall at the Spring Education Conference was a student pedaling a bicycle at top speed that activated a blender mounted on the back to puree a raspberry smoothie.

Town hall focuses on national threats

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Texas American Federation of Teachers President Louis Malfaro at the morning town hall brought a national perspective to the threats facing public education and the labor movement.

Staten Island hospital nurses OK 2-year agreement

Nurses at Staten Island University Hospital, negotiating for the first time against a powerful hospital corporation, won a two-year contract that raises wages by 6 percent, improves the patient-nurse staffing ratio and maintains benefits.

No recess ‘until teachers are respected’

This was a Spring Education Conference that was all about a new militancy and an urgency to mobilize nationally to defend public education.

Sharing responsibility

PROSE schools must have a track record of collaboration among administration and faculty. But a number of PROSE schools went a step further by launching a shared-leadership initiative, in which faculty members participate fully in the school’s decision-making processes.

Together, but unequal

The disparity betwee the student population of public schools and the students in charters has propelled the UFT to fight for charter equity legislation in Albany that requires taxpayer-funded charters to accept and keep comparable numbers of high-needs students as district public schools.

The haves and the have-nots

In roughly 200 New York City school buildings, public schools have been forced to share quarters with charter schools. That arrangement has given many public school educators a front-row seat to witness the glaring inequities

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