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UFT staff reporter

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Para family trees

Susan O’Rourke, a school secretary at PS 23 on Staten Island, encouraged her three older sisters to become paraprofessionals.

Anthony Sanchez, his wife, Alejandra, and his mother, Juana, are all paraprofessionals in schools in Queens.

Christina Cingari and her daughter, Brianna, are both paraprofessionals who followed in the footsteps of their mother and grandmother, Mary Valva, now retired.

Kudos to Deborah Navarro PS 226, Brooklyn

Chapter Leader Deborah Navarro has built a “union proud, union strong” chapter at PS 226 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, based on what she calls “true collaboration.” 

‘Money for parks — not for walls’

Students at the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Forest Hills, Queens, who were locked out of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge because of the government shutdown, turned their disappointment into a civics lesson and staged a rally at the shuttered park.

UFT holiday party for homeless students

It was a day of wonder and thrills, a chance to fist-bump with the mighty Bumble Bee Transformer and dance with the Black Panther. But it was Santa Claus who won the hearts of the 120 children from homeless shelters across the city who lined up to whisper in his ear at the UFT’s annual holiday party, organized with the help of the Coalition for the Homeless, on Dec. 15.

Kudos to Rose Marie Hannon PS/MS 47, Queens

Chapter Leader Rose-Marie Hannon is working hard to get a new roof over the heads of staff and students at PS/MS 47 to end the chronic leaks, mold and odors that plague the school in Broad Channel, Queens, and create a safe and healthy work environment.

Showing the way

While the debate rages across the city about whether scoring high on a single test is the fairest way to win a coveted seat in one of the city’s specialized high schools, students at the HS for American Studies at Lehman College are tutoring local middle school students to prepare them to meet the test challenge and ensure more diversity at the specialized school in the Bedford Park section of the Bronx.

'Beautiful' project


What began as an early-grades literacy event has turned into a schoolwide project to design a mural for the outside of PS/IS 184, a UFT community learning school in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Kudos to Amanda Walsh, PS/MS 108 in East Harlem

When her former principal at PS/MS 108 in East Harlem declared, “The UFT is bad for teachers, bad for students and bad for schools,” Chapter Leader Amanda Walsh accepted the challenge and stood up to him.

Classical appreciation

In Evan Alboum’s music class at PS 305 in Ridgewood, Queens, students at every grade level learn to know and appreciate classical music through all their senses. He begins the study of each piece of classical music with movement he choreographs. 

Class-size relief to come faster

In the proposed contract announced on Oct. 11, the UFT has negotiated an expedited process to bring relief to teachers facing oversize classes sooner and to address unresolved violations that must go to arbitration faster.

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