Linda Ocasio

UFT staff reporter

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Boys and Girls HS celebrates a turning point

Boys and Girls HS has turned the corner. The once-troubled Brooklyn school has been taken out of state receivership – a designation for long struggling schools – and out of the city Board of Education’s Renewal Schools program, and it marked the milestone with a celebration in the school gym.

Kudos to Melissa Alvarez, John Bowne HS in Flushing, Queens

Melissa Alvarez, the chapter leader at John Bowne HS in Flushing, Queens, used the new dispute resolution process in the DOE-UFT contract to get a speedy response to a safety violation: no teacher assigned to the high school’s SAVE room.

Charters’ ‘bottom line’ led to Chicago teacher strikes

The nation’s first-ever strike by unionized charter school teachers occurred in Chicago in December and has set a precedent for other charter schools in the Windy Cindy that are struggling with low teacher pay, crowded classrooms and poor funding. 

‘Lion King’ across the curriculum

If the Gallery Walk in March at K396 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, evoked thoughts of “The Lion King,” that was no accident. The hallways were transformed into a gallery of animal habitats on the African savannah after the school was one of five — and the only District 75 school — to win a grant from the Disney Musicals in Schools program.

How Long Island City HS got its groove back

The turnaround at Long Island City HS was the result of a set of strategies that included smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. But collaboration — between administrators and staff and among the teachers themselves — was the linchpin.

Mulgrew slams education bureaucracy at city budget hearing

UFT President Michael Mulgrew made the case for more funding for school programs that directly aid students in budget testimony on March 20 before the City Council Education Committee. At the same time, he asked the Council members to make sure state funds are not derailed or swallowed up the city’s education bureaucracy.

Putting a price on student voice

It’s not every day that high school students get to decide how to spend $500,000. The students at Gotham Professional Arts Community Learning School and Acorn Community School have that opportunity thans to a pilot project in participatory budgeting funded by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

New contractual process kicks in to address oversize classes

The UFT began an expedited process of contract arbitration to resolve oversize classes in five chronically overcrowded high schools as the class-size reduction provisions in the new DOE-UFT contract took effect.

50 schools join Bronx plan

Fifty schools in the Bronx, East New York, Brownsville and Far Rockaway will join the Bronx Collaborative Schools Plan, an initiative that empowers educators at these schools to drive school improvement.

Lessons from West Virginia strikes

Teachers in West Virginia —a “right-to-work” state with no right to collectively bargain or strike— have proven adept at defending themselves and their students against a hostile Republican administration intent on undermining public education.

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