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UFT staff reporter

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UFT ‘will remain strong’ despite Janus ruling

The conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court on June 27 ruled against public sector unions nationwide in a decision that will make it more difficult for them to raise the funds necessary to support and advocate for the employees they represent.

Ready for prom

Thousands of eighth-graders and high school seniors will be decked out for end-of-year celebrations thanks to eight UFT prom events that were held in all five boroughs in April and May.

Saluting ‘our kids’

The UFT honored 180 high 
school students with $5,000 Albert Shanker Scholarships, and eight graduate students received awards to continue their studies, at a reception and ceremony in Shanker Hall at UFT headquarters in Manhattan on May 15.

Space wiz took off after receiving honor

Space physicist Jerry Goldstein is still grateful for the Albert Shanker college scholarship he received 30 years ago.

Arizona teachers latest to walk out

More than 20,000 Arizona teachers walked off the job for six days in late April. “One of the biggest things we learned is that we have power,” said Noah Karvelis, the Phoenix music teacher and founder of Arizona Educators United. “When you get together, you have more power and you can change the course of the state.”

Chancellor: It’s about ‘social justice’

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza gave a rousing defense of public education and the unstoppable drive toward equity in his speech at the UFT’s Spring Education Conference.

Building imagination

The 3-D models that students create in Jawnuta DiSclafani’s architecture class represent more than a class assignment to create a bedroom or design a building. They challenge the students to rethink how they see the world.

New Visions contract delivers money, time

The UFT has successfully negotiated a new four-year contract with four New Visions charter schools, winning a pay increase totaling 8 percent, a shorter work day and a shorter school year.

An awakening in West Virginia

West Virginia teachers recently gave the nation a lesson in the labor movement’s power when workers stand united.

Houston superintendent named next chancellor

Richard Carranza, the Houston schools superintendent and a strong advocate of public schools, was selected by Mayor Bill de Blasio on March 5 to be the next New York City schools chancellor.

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