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Civics education

For many people, civics is synonymous with social studies. But the UFT's teacher working group on civics education feel strongly that the lessons of civics are applicable in every classroom.

District 24 Scholarship Dinner

Betty Silverman’s husband, daughter and granddaughter — who are all former or current New York City public school teachers — celebrated the 20th anniversary of the scholarship named for her at the District 24 Scholarship Dinner Dance on May 21. 

Member Assistance Program’s art therapy exhibit

New members who participated in the UFT Member Assistance Program’s first-ever art therapy group displayed their work at a special gallery exhibition on May 9.
“The idea was for new members to get to try something fun and also therapeutic,” said MAP Director Tina Puccio.

A home run for disaster relief efforts

The UFT’s sixth annual 5K run/walk took educators and students from the smartboard to the boardwalk on May 11, as participants laced up their sneakers for a jaunt along the shore at Coney Island.

‘Teaching is her life’

Zenzile DaBreo, a kindergarten teacher at PS/IS 109 in Brooklyn, was honored with the Sanford Teacher Award as the “most inspirational teacher” in New York State. “We only have two rules in my classroom: be respectful and be responsible,” she says.

Is your teaching certificate about to expire?

With summer just around the corner, it’s crucial to meet upcoming deadlines for certification if your current teaching certificate is near its expiration date. 

Kudos to Lucas Rule, Pathways College Preparatory School, Queens

Chapter Leader Lucas Rule knows he is fortunate to have a collaborative working relationship with his principal at Pathways College Preparatory School, a grades 6–12 school in St. Albans, Queens. But when one of his members struggled to resolve a workload issue with an assistant principal, Rule didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the new provision in the DOE-UFT contract that helps chapter leaders address violations of systemwide standards governing workplace issues.

The importance of having a school library

“Every student should have access to the library and the opportunity to go there,” says says Michael Dodes, a school librarian who now works as a library operations and instructional coordinator in the DOE’s Office of Library Services. “It’s all about creating a space where students can read, explore information and work with each other.”

‘Stand for your vision’

It was a day of learning and fun for the 600 educators who attended the UFT’s 12th annual Early Childhood Conference on March 16. The conference theme “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate!” spotlighted the importance of a holistic approach to educating young learners.

Creating problem-solvers

“My goal is that students start to see themselves as problem-solvers, and that there’s a process by which we approach problems using the lens of the tools we have in class,” says Academy for Software Engineering in Manhattan teacher Jonathan Rothman, who was awarded a 2018 Sloan Award for Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics.

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