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UFT staff reporter

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Bronx mentors get support to enhance skills

Thanks to a unique collaboration between the UFT, the Department of Education and the New Teacher Center — a nonprofit organization facilitating a professional learning series for mentors — mentor teachers in District 12 in central Bronx are participating in full-day training sessions.

Tips for reaching all learners

As a new teacher, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of abilities and learning styles you face in your classroom. Because you know that one size doesn’t fit all, you will want to differentiate your instruction to address all your learners. But how?

Three members, one opening day

Ready for anything. There are a lot of different feelings you feel the first day. You think only the children are anxious, but so are the adults! You don’t know what to expect or how the day is going to go, but you know you’ll always have one or two children who feel scared.

Vincent Dellatacoma, math teacher

The first day is such a tornado of a day. It’s fun because it’s a jumpstart to the year, but you look forward to the part of the year when you’re in your rhythm again.

Alain Metellus, social worker

I spent most of the day trying to meet as many kids as possible, doing my best to make them feel comfortable and welcome. I know that feeling of coming into high school and feeling overwhelmed.

Anna Charland, pre-K teacher

There are a lot of different feelings you feel the first day. You think only the children are anxious, but so are the adults! 

Getting to know you — and them

The first six weeks of school are a crucial period for establishing routines and building relationships that become the building blocks for a successful school year.

AFT endorses Hillary in 2016

It may be summer, but educators are already looking ahead to the 2016 election.

Giving everyone a voice

With the new time allotted in the UFT-DOE contract for professional development, the staff development committee at P 4, a District 75 school in Queens, seized the opportunity to allow educators to showcase their skills for each other.

Reflecting on this year — and planning for next year

The beginning of summer is a natural time to reflect on your practice as a teacher and look ahead to the new school year.

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