Rachel Nobel

UFT staff reporter

Latest stories

‘Pure joy’

Nine students were honored alongside the educators who had helped them become successful at the Queens District 75 Public School Proud celebration on April 27.

Stay organized, reflect and celebrate

With summer inching closer, here are some tips to get your classroom together, review the work you’ve done this year and commemorate a job well done.

In sync

A Bronx pair perfects the art of co-teaching. What makes their partnership successful?

Teachers stand up for science

With an administration in the White House that has shown skepticism and even contempt for scientific research and evidence, science teachers and other UFT members took to the streets on Saturday, April 22, along with thousands of fellow New Yorkers at the March for Science.

Circular 6 arbitration settlement creates new opportunity for teachers

A recent arbitration settlement both protects members’ contractual rights and will create a new opportunity for high school teachers to work with a maximum of eight students per school year for targeted credit recovery in lieu of their Circular 6 professional activity.

Loving the work they do

Among the more than 1,000 paraprofessionals who attended the UFT’s 36th annual Paraprofessional Festival and Awards Luncheon, there was a common theme: a love for the work they do.

Lessons on the run

The members of teacher John Sorocco's after-school running team have found themselves going faster and farther than they ever imagined.

Teaching ELLs: Keeping the old while learning the new

Educators at PS 66 in Richmond Hill, Queens are striving to find the balance between encouraging English language learners to preserve their native language abilities and nurturing them in their burgeoning English skills while educating them alongside their native English-speaking peers.

Taking steps to prepare for your tenure decision

There are many steps that new teachers can take to prepare for their tenure decision.

The power of love

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day — love for public schools, that is. In the face of the threat to public education posed by the Trump administration and its new education secretary Betsy DeVos, educators, students and parents across the city demonstrated why they love their public schools.

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