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Have no fear

When the results of the presidential election left many New York City public school students and their families feeling vulnerable, educators across the city mobilized to participate in a Day of Action on Monday, Nov. 21 in support of an inclusive, diverse, safe and respectful environment for all students.

Where every child is an educator

In most classrooms, you’ll find one or two teachers. In Alexandra Hernandez’s classroom, there are 16.

Brooklyn school’s PD: One size doesn’t fit all

“How do we get all our students to reach the same goal when the ‘one size fits all’ model doesn’t work?” asks Georgia Nikoloudakis, the chapter leader at PS/IS 95. That’s the question that drives how the school spends its dedicated professional development time.

Aiming for ‘Universal’ success in reading

“The goal is to help children improve by helping teachers improve,” says Tagrid Sihly, a reading coach in the DOE's University Literacy initiative.

Showing children ‘we care for them’

There were turkeys galore at the UFT’s third annual Thanksgiving luncheon for 150 homeless students on Saturday, Nov. 19.

After long road to classroom, teacher fears deportation

Juan Carlos Perez's story of his progress from undocumented immigrant to teacher of immigrant students seems like a classic American success story — yet it is one that could be irrevocably altered by the election of Donald Trump.

Tips for navigating teaching partnerships

Whether you work side by side with a co-teacher, cooperate with push-in support staff or join forces with colleagues on inquiry or grade teams, here are some tips for navigating your teaching partnerships.

City teachers develop new social studies curriculum

Teachers in many New York City public schools are using a brand-new social studies curriculum this fall that was designed and written entirely by their fellow New York City teachers.

New teachers get early start

The final week of summer was also the first week of their careers for more than a thousand teachers who participated in New Teacher Week from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2. For the second year, the UFT and the city DOE collaborated to organize the event.

Tips for building the parent-teacher connection

Now that September is over, you may find yourself taking a deep breath as you prepare to dive into the rest of the school year. With parent-teacher conferences approaching in late October and early November, take some time this month to think about the ways you’ll keep your students’ families informed and engaged throughout the year.

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