Rachel Nobel

UFT staff reporter

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UFT survey illuminates new teachers’ views

A majority of new teachers in New York City public schools are satisfied with their teaching experience and plan to continue in their careers, a UFT survey reveals. A significant minority, however, has had a tough time and may leave the profession.

3 educators, One Opening Day

How 3 educators set the groundwork for another successful school year.

Making homework more productive

What should homework look like? How long should it take? Should it even exist at all?

And the children shall lead

At K280 — a pre-K center affiliated with PS 10 — teachers eschew traditional curriculum in favor of the Reggio Emilia approach to education. “This is what kids should be doing, exploring the world through their lens,” says teacher Sandy Fajgier. 

Putting imagination on the map

To find the buried treasure, take the path from Camp I through the shortcut under the water — but be sure to avoid the zombies and the place where you trip on seashells.

How I spent my summer vacation

I went to Krakow, Poland, for World Youth Day, which is a Catholic event that’s held every two to three years where youth from all over the world congregate with the Pope. It’s inspiring to see so many nationalities that share the same faith.

‘The heartbeat of the school’

“Guidance counselors are the heartbeat of the school,” said Chancellor Carmen Fariňa, as 26 guidance counselors were honored by the DOE at the 30th annual School Counselor Recognition Day Awards ceremony on May 25.

Politics 101: Stand up for schools

Consider the ways in which you might deepen your engagement with issues outside the classroom that matter to public school educators. All teachers, even brand-new ones, have a stake in political matters.

Certification requirements revised

New requirements regarding certification and the tracking of professional development hours will take effect starting in July.

History in living color

'Hamilton showed us that history is not all about when someone was born and when they died,' said student Kerryann Moreno, whose U.S. history class attended a free matinee performance of the Broadway powerhouse. 'There’s always a story behind it.'

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