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Medicare Part B / IRMAA

Most of our retired members on Medicare should have received their 2018 Medicare Reimbursement by May 1, 2019. The 2018 Medicare Part B Reimbursement will be electronically deposited into the same account as the pension payment.

For 2018, the standard Medicare Part B monthly cost/deduction was $134 per person, per month. However, for some individuals, the standard reimbursement was at the 2017 rate of $109 per month.

If you received the standard premium for Medicare Part B of $109, but paid $134 per month, you must submit a “2018 Medicare Part B Reimbursement Differential Request Form” on the UFT website.

If your Medicare Part B reimbursement was incorrect, but you will be filing for IRMAA, then the additional Medicare Part B reimbursement will be included in your IRMAA payment. You do not need to apply for the differential.

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