LearnUFT courses in Manhattan

LearnUFT courses are now available at the UFT's Manhattan borough office! The fee to register is $30 per course for teachers and $15 per course for paraprofessionals. Participants will receive two CTLE hours. Courses are available for both teachers and paraprofessionals. In order to ensure that you are not signing up for a course you have already registered for or attended, please check to be sure you are registering for the correct session.

The UFT's Manhattan borough office is located at 52 Broadway. See directions »

Courses Offered

Academic Language
In this workshop, teachers will learn about the complexities of academic language, which pose challenges to all students, particularly English language learners. While students in K-3 are learning to read, students are reading to learn in the content areas in grades 3 and beyond. Even in early elementary grades, however, the language of nonfiction texts for science and social studies units include aspects of academic language that are obstacles to reading comprehension and accessing content knowledge. In this workshop, educators will learn about the challenges and strategies to teach various characteristics of academic language: the differences between social and academic language, sophisticated vocabulary words, complex noun phrases, nominalizations, formal sentence structures, complex grammatical structures, and multiple phrases and clauses within sentences that each convey their own message. The activities and strategies to be shared in this workshop will inform teachers on how to integrate language and content instruction.

Igniting Writing Instruction to Strengthen Student Engagement
Participants will practice strategies for engaging students productively in the writing process; make connections between pre-writing activities and the writing process; and experience activities which facilitate writing through speaking and listening.

Strategic Learning: The Five Guiding Principles of ELL Instruction
Participants will explore research-based core principles as a frame for ENL instruction, practice engaging instructional strategies to increase ELL students’ access to content, reflect on how specific strategies promote integration of content and methodology and build a toolbox of techniques for integrated ENL classrooms.

Working Together: Integrated Partnerships in the ENL Classroom
Participants will understand the value of teacher partnerships when supporting English language learners in the integrated classroom;  determine the components of effective co-teaching; and build a toolbox of techniques for the integrated ENL classroom.

Schedule of Courses

Courses for Paraprofessionals ONLY

Communication that Enhances Professional Collaboration
Examine our personal communication styles. Develop problem-solving strategies to communicate more effectively within a collaborative setting. Practice communication strategies within a collaborative setting.

Turn the Page: Setting the Stage for Reading Success
Experience and discuss the seven habits of proficient readers. Make a plan to teach a student a new reading strategy to help them be successful.

Schedule of Courses for Paraprofessionals ONLY

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