Elementary School Workshops

UFT Vice President for Elementary Schools Karen Alford has scheduled these workshops for UFT members in elementary schools who wish to upgrade their teaching skills. The fee is $30 for teachers and $15 for paraprofessionals who elect to receive CTLE hours and $10 for participants who elect not to receive CTLE hours. All workshops are held on Thursdays at UFT headquarters, from 4 to 6 p.m. (see the security agent in the lobby for the exact room number; picture ID is required).

Please note: All elementary workshops for the spring of 2018 are now full.


Class Description
Thursday, Jan. 25

Managing Misbehaviors (Pre-K–5) **FULL**

Students misbehave for a variety of reasons. We will learn the goals of the misbehaviors as well as strategies to address student misbehavior as well as a way to pinpoint and deescalate.
Thursday, Feb. 1

Building Math Fluency and Number Sense (K–3) **FULL**

Need help to build number sense with your students? At this interactive workshop we will participate in a variety of activities that will build the math fluency of your students.
Thursday, March 1

Student-Centered Inquiry (3–5) **FULL**

Using the Question Formulation Technique, participants in this session will learn to expand student discussions. We will address Component 3c in the Danielson Framework to explore how the technique can be applied to the rubric.
Thursday, March 8

Collaboration and Engagement on a Higher Level **FULL**

Collaboration and engagement are more than buzz words when using a technique that connects students to the content. As we continue to address Component 3 in the Danielson Framework, participants in this workshop will engage in a session geared to expanding student centered discussions.
Thursday, April 12

Using Art to Aid Language Acquisition (Pre-K–2) **FULL**

With art as a vehicle, participants will explore how to increase language acquisition in classrooms. This interactive session will allow educators to build a repertoire of strategies to aid ENL students as well as support the English speakers in their classrooms.
Thursday, April 19

Painting with Tempera (K–5) **FULL**

Learn how to use masterworks and create clear criteria, a checklist and peer assessments to support you in the messy world of tempera paints. Come and create a painting, experience color mixing and bring out the artist in you!
Thursday, May 3

Google Docs for You and Your Students **FULL**

Google Docs can be a very powerful tool to use in your classrooms. Come to this workshop if you are interested in learning how to expand you use of the applications available for you to use and those for your students.
Thursday, May 31

Environmental Activism in the Arts Classroom **FULL**

In this hands-on workshop, participants will create a block print of an endangered animal they care about. They will be provided with suggested resources and activities for Bringing Environmental Education to life in the art classroom.
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