Middle School Workshops

UFT Vice President for Middle Schools Richard Mantell has scheduled these workshops for all middle school members. These courses are NOT for college credit. Professional development and CTLE hours will be available. All workshops are open to any and all educators who wish to upgrade their instructional skills or participate in professional dialogues concerning their career.

All work sessions take place on Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. on the 19th floor of UFT headquarters, 52 Broadway (see the security agent in the lobby for the exact room number; picture ID is required). Click on the title of a session to register for that session.


Class Description
Thursday, Jan. 11

Elements of CTE Instruction: Effective Project-Based Learning

This session will allow participants to experience the elements of career and technical education necessary for effective project-based, backward design and rigorous CTE instruction. Educators will be given tools necessary to adapt student work evident of multiple entry points.
Thursday, Feb. 8

ELLs: Equity and Access for English Language Learners **FULL**

In this session participants will engage in strategies to support the social, emotional and academic growth of English Language Learners. Participants will explore the role of empathy and examine the stages of new language development in order to promote equity and access for our ELLs.
Thursday, March 22

Investigative Science: Creating Meaningful Interactive 21st Century Lessons**FULL**

Participants will explore the process of investigative science and apply their skills to create meaningful interactive science lessons utilizing technology and art. The newly adopted NYS NGSS Science Standards will be addressed as the structured framework.
Thursday, April 19

Effective Classroom Management that Works: Restorative Practices **FULL**

This session will allow participants to experience the “circling” process to promote critical thinking and positive community relationships. Educators will be given research-based tools to implement and sustain this new initiative in behavior management.
Thursday, May 10

You are Here — and There: Making Relevant Connections in Social Studies

In this session, middle school educators will learn strategies for engaging students in deep historical inquiry that links the past to their lives. We will explore strategies to strengthen literacy skills through historical thinking and use the arts to excite, ignite and sustain student engagement in social studies topics.
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