LearnUFT courses for new teachers

These sessions are designed by the UFT Teacher Center and the UFT Member Assistance Program for new teachers (those with 1 to 3 years of teaching experience).

All work sessions take place from 4 to 6 p.m. Participants can elect to receive two Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours for each course. The fee is $10 for participants who do not request CTLE hours and $30 for participants who elect to receive CTLE hours (you need to start collecting CTLE hours once you are professionally certified).

Workshops Offered

Anchoring Into the Classroom Community
Our knowledge of our students and their needs can serve as the anchor to create a learning-focused classroom environment. In this professional learning session, participants will explore how core beliefs and practices influence classroom culture. Participants will examine the importance of building relationships with students and the role of the classroom environment in supporting learning.

Engaging Young Learners: The Power of Purposeful Play [For Early Childhood Teachers Only]
How can we engage our youngest learners? The answer lies in the power of play. Learning through play creates opportunities for children to discuss their thinking and build enduring understandings. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to experience and create purposeful play activities to engage all learners.

The Journey to Resilience: Creating a Supportive Classroom Environment
Educators have the power to create a positive trajectory of success for all students. In this session, participants will learn strategies for creating a classroom environment that supports the social and emotional needs of all students. Participants will experience strategies to build resilience and student independence, while being considerate of the connections between traumatic experiences and learning.

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