P Credits

The P credits program offers teachers and school secretaries opportunities for low-cost professional development courses and/or activities approved by the chancellor. The 30-hour, three-credit courses are offered after school during the week and on weekends at multiple sites around the city. What's more, these credits count toward the first as well as the second salary differential. (Please note: These credits cannot be used for New York State certification.)

P credit courses are offered in three sessions each year. For a listing of courses and further information, visit the DOE's ASPDP website. It is advisable to check back periodically as additional sections are sometimes added.

For further information, email aspdp@schools.nyc.gov or call 718-935-4000.


Registration takes place in January through March for spring courses, May through July for summer courses and August through October for fall courses. Visit the DOE's ASPDP website to view courses and register.

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