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MaryJo GineseMaryJo Ginese The UFT's special education department is led by Vice President for Special Education MaryJo Ginese. The UFT is here to support you. You will find helpful resources and information pertinent to every special education teacher on this part of the UFT website. Knowledge is power and by sharing information, we can better teach and advocate for all of the students in special education. Please direct any ideas, questions or concerns to mginese@uft.org. Use the special education complaint process to facilitate problem solving around compliance issues.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual and Continuum of Services

Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual (Public Version)

The New Standard Operating Procedures Manual: A Powerful Tool for Chapter Leaders

Continuum of special education services for school-aged students with disabilities

Special Education Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Topic: Developing the individualized Education Program: Recommending Special Education Programs and Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UFT-DOE FAQ on special education

Special Education Compliance Complaint Form

Designate a special ed liaison for your school (October 2015 Principals' Weekly)

Chapter 408

Chapter 408 overview

IEP meetings

Amending an IEP after the annual review

Standard Operating Procedures Manual: Who attends an IEP meeting

Standard Operating Procedures Manual: What team is necessary when changing services

Special Education Policy Guideline: Attendance of a General Ed or Special Ed Teacher at an IEP meeting (Principals' Weekly March 2015)

Special education programs and services

Integrated Co-Teaching services

Guidance on providing mandated services and absence coverage in ICT classes (Nov. 2016 Principals' Weekly)

Procedure to file a variance with New York State to temporarily exceed the maximum number of students with disabilities in an ICT class

Guidance on required considerations for IEP paraprofessional recommendations (Principals' Weekly January 2017)

Regulations for recommending one-to-one paraprofessionals

Field advisory procedures for determining a student's need for a one-to-one paraprofessional

Contractual issues

Arbitration decision regarding IEP meetings held during prep periods

Arbitration decision regarding time for SESIS

ICT and ENL teachers can grieve unreasonable number of different courses or room assignments

IEP teacher posting, guidance and school allocation

Program preference and special ed

Program preference and postings for ICT and SETSS

Additional information

Preparing for your initial planning meeting with an evaluator

Special Education contact information

MaryJo Ginese, UFT Vice President for Special Education
Phone: 212-598-7706
Fax: 212-254-5578

Emma Camacho-Mendez, UFT Liaison to the DOE's Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island)
Phone: 212-598-9594
Fax: 212-260-3053

Kerry Yefet, UFT Liaison to the DOE's Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support (Bronx, Queens and District 75)
Phone: 212-598-7707
Fax: 212-260-3053

Follow us on Twitter - small @UFTSPEDVP is your source for communication and information from the UFT's vice president for special education, Carmen Alvarez. Each week learn about topics, trends or new information related to special education with our #ThursdayTips.

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