UFT Educational Liaisons

Bronx UFT office

Phone: 718-379-6200
Dana Falciglia  dfalciglia@uft.org
Laurie Lubman llubman@uft.org

Brooklyn UFT office

Phone: 718-852-4900
Michele Ferraro  mferraro@uft.org
Ariel Arroyo       aaroyo@uft.org

Manhattan UFT office

Phone: 212-598-6800
Dolores Lozupone  dlozupon@uft.org

Queens UFT office

Phone: 718-275-4400
Diane Ganz           dganz@uft.org
Heather Goldberg  hgoldberg@uft.org

Staten Island UFT office

Phone: 718-605-1400
Tanisha Franks  tfranks@uft.org

Central UFT office

Phone: 212-420-1830
Peter Mason                    pmason@uft.org
John Kamps                     jkamps@uft.org
Anthony Barnes                abarnes@uft.org
Nanette Rosario-Sanchez  nrosario@uft.org

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