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The U.S. Supreme Court’s Friedrichs verdict protected your voice and your ability to join together to negotiate good wages and benefits and to fight for what our students need. The court voted 4–4 to affirm a longstanding court precedent declaring fair-share union fees constitutional.

It’s a big win for working families, but our fight is far from over. Well-funded corporate interests created this lawsuit by cold-calling California teachers until they got 10 willing to be the face of their lawsuit. The court’s ruling won’t stop them since it’s a 4-4 decision, not a majority. Our enemies already have similar cases in the pipeline. If we stand together, we can fend off these efforts to undermine working people and the middle class.

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The Friedrichs lawsuit is part of a decades-long effort by this country’s powerful right wing to strip public-sector employees of the pay, working conditions and benefits that unions have fought for and won over the years.

It is vital that we stand together to protect what we have.

#UnionProud Stories

For Patricia Ginestri, being a union member meant the difference between isolation and support. For Cassandra St. Felix, it meant getting her job back. And for Gloria Winograd, it meant life-saving health benefits as she tackled Stage 4 cancer.

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