Union resolutions

Resolution to support the NYC March for Climate Justice on Oct. 28

WHEREAS, climate disasters including  hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, fires, tornadoes and floods are becoming increasingly worse and scientists have pinpointed as contributing factors greenhouse gases and global warming; and

WHEREAS, the Trump administration, supported by fossil fuel billionaires and lobbyists, continues to deny that global warming exists; and

WHEREAS, on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we remember when that massive storm roared ashore and killed more than 147 people in the Caribbean and North America including 65 in the tri-state area, and caused billions of dollars in damage; and

WHEREAS, we consider it our right to live in a city where the air is clean, the water is potable, energy is renewable and flooding is controlled; be it therefore

RESOLVED, that the UFT supports the NYC march for climate justice on Oct. 28 as well as the community actions on Oct. 29 sponsored by a coalition of more than 65 environment, labor and social justice organizations.

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