Union resolutions

Resolution on the Teacher Performance Unit

Whereas, on the same day that the city’s scores on the National Assessment of Student Progress showed no progress between 2003 and 2007 in three of four categories, the city announced that it has hired a team of lawyers and former principals to help principals build cases against tenured teachers who they believe are incompetent; and

Whereas, the DOE has a responsibility to ensure that every student has a qualified teacher by providing the resources and support that struggling schools and teachers need to improve instruction; and

Whereas, the DOE has tolerated school administrators who have demonstrated an inability to work collegially and collaboratively to improve school tone or the quality of teacher instruction; and

Whereas, this Performance Unit shifts responsibility from the school system and instead scapegoats and blames teachers; and

Whereas, the real issues underlying teacher quality are:

  • why so many teachers with potential are not nurtured and trained but mistreated and driven out and
  • why so many teachers who become good leave; be it therefore

Resolved, the UFT condemns the Department of Education’s creation of the Teacher Performance Unit and demands that the Mayor apologize to teachers; be it further

Resolved, on the evening of Monday, Nov. 26, the UFT will organize a candlelight vigil at Tweed headquarters to protest the establishment of the Teacher Performance Unit and call for respect for our city’s hard-working teachers; be it further

Resolved, that the UFT, through the Action Committee, develop plans that would involve the membership in actions that would:

  • express members outrage at this insult
  • educate the public and
  • convince the DOE that this “Unit” is counterproductive and should be terminated.

Passed at the Dec. 12, 2007 UFT Delegate Assembly.

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