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  • Red-letter day for readers 15 hours ago

    Melissa Rodriguez found a new use for a stroller. At her first First Book event sponsored by the UFT, with 1-year-old son Noel sitting in front, Rodriguez stuffed their allotment of 50 books behind him.

  • Call to action 18 hours ago

    School communities across the city participated in a nationwide Day of Action on Oct. 7 to highlight the $1.6 billion that Albany owes New York City public schools.

  • SESIS system improves after UFT push 18 hours ago

    At the UFT’s prodding, the city and the Department of Education have finally moved to upgrade the troubled SESIS system to stem both the ongoing loss of over $300 million a year in Medicaid reimbursement for student services and to address the thousands of UFT member complaints that have poured in since the system was launched five years ago.

  • Chess rules at this school 1 day ago

    For students at chess-loving IS 318 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, nothing tops a visit by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

  • Staten Island Parent Newsletter - Oct. 26, 2016 1 day ago

    This is the Oct. 26 issue of the Staten Island parent newsletter.

  • Two of a kind 1 day ago

    The guidance counselor and social worker at PS 203 in Queens believe in the same things, finish each other's sentences and walk the hallways in tandem. The school's successful character education program is a march of of the strength of their collaboration.

  • Rigged! 1 day ago
  • Against homework 1 day ago

    Your Learning Curve column [Oct. 6] basically says that studies show homework isn’t necessary and may be harmful (due to other activities that the student is missing out on while completing it) and then has a bunch of teachers explain anecdotally that their students are somehow the exception and the homework they assign is extra meaningful and necessary and has nothing to do with those silly scientific studies.

  • Campaign 2016 1 day ago

    Beyond the lack of civility and personal attacks in the second presidential debate, the failure of either candidate (or the moderators) to mention education in any capacity was a glaring and dangerous omission.

  • School integration 1 day ago

    Choice is the key on the question of school integration.

  • Hillary Clinton for president 1 day ago

    The presidential election of 2016 is historic because we have an opportunity to elect the first woman president.

  • Using annotation to strengthen reading 1 day ago

    All social studies and English teachers need a strong, go-to reading strategy. I began my teaching career with the typical strategy of asking students questions about the reading.

  • The challenges of homelessness 1 day ago

    Homelessness is affecting a growing number of children in New York City. When a family is homeless, school often becomes the only stable institution in a child’s life.

  • Core corrections 1 day ago

    It’s heartening that teachers are part of the state’s process of writing the new Empire State Learning Standards to better reflect the knowledge and skills that children should be able to demonstrate at each grade. But so far, we know one thing for sure: There’s still work to do.

  • How class disruptions affect achievement 2 days ago

    Exposure to even mild classroom disruptions lowers the academic achievement for all students in a class, including those who are highly motivated or top-performing, according to new research in the AERA Open journal.

  • High school graduation rate reaches record high 2 days ago

    The nationwide high school graduation rate has risen for the fourth consecutive year, according to recently released federal data.

  • National teacher prep rules announced 2 days ago

    The U.S. Department of Education has released new regulations requiring states to issue yearly ratings for preparation programs for new K–12 teachers, determined in part by the academic performance of the students of the programs’ graduates.

  • Labor movement steps up support for Hillary Clinton 2 days ago

    Ramping up efforts to elect Hillary Clinton, seven labor groups joined forces with For Our Future, a Democratic super PAC, and raised $60 million to mobilize working families for the presidential candidate in battleground states.

  • Chicago teachers avoid another strike 2 days ago

    The Chicago Teachers Union narrowly averted a planned strike, announcing a tentative deal with Chicago Public Schools minutes before a midnight deadline on Oct. 10.

  • NAACP opposes charter school expansion 2 days ago

    The national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has reaffirmed its membership’s call for a moratorium on new charter schools.

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