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  • Defensive Driving and Car Rentals 3 days ago

    The UFT's defensive driving course can save you money and maybe your life!

  • Trips 3 days ago

    The UFT has been running its popular Just for Fun trips for 30 years. With eight excursions a year to different locations, nearly 800 members, both in-service and retired, along with friends and family members, participate each year.

  • Theater and Movie Tickets 3 days ago

    The UFT's Just for Fun department offers discounts UFT members on theater and movie tickets.

  • Free teacher certification exam preparation workshops 4 days ago

    The Murphy Institute for Worker Education Leap to Teacher program offers free preparation workshops for New York State teacher certification exams.

  • Leap to Teacher program for paraprofessionals 4 days ago

    The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education at CUNY is offering the Leap to Teacher program for paraprofessionals interested in continuing their higher education.

  • Anti-labor email barrage targets union members 4 days ago

    Teachers and other government workers in New York and neighboring states were deluged with emails about opting out of their unions immediately after the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 27 ruling that government employees who choose not to join a union may not be required to help pay for collective bargaining.

  • New Teaching Fellows 2018 1 week ago

    Hundreds of new teaching fellows learned about the value of the union and were introduced to the city’s public school system at an event for them on June 18 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

  • Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Newsletters 1 week ago

    Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Newsletters

  • Success Academy Class of 2018 1 week ago
  • Judge halts school closures in Puerto Rico 2 weeks ago

    Puerto Rico’s plan to close 265 public schools has hit a roadblock after a judge on June 11 ordered that the island stop the closure of at least nine schools.

  • Washington State court ends school funding case 2 weeks ago

    The Washington Supreme Court ruled on June 7 that the state has at last complied with a court-ordered mandate to fully fund its education system by September of this year, ending a decade-long case known as the McCleary lawsuit.

  • DeVos’ school safety group won’t look at guns 2 weeks ago

    U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos revealed on June 5 that her commission to study school safety, established in the wake of this year’s series of school shootings, will not study the issue of guns.

  • Trump cracks down on federal labor unions 2 weeks ago

    President Donald Trump upended a generation of protections for federal employees, signing executive orders on May 29 making it easier to fire workers for poor performance, limiting the time employees can be paid for union work and directing federal agencies to negotiate tougher contracts with workers’ unions.

  • North Carolina teacher walkout results in modest raises 2 weeks ago

    North Carolina legislators released a budget on May 28 that included a modest salary increase for teachers after a one-day teacher walkout shut down the state’s public schools on May 16.

  • Students gain from having same teacher twice 2 weeks ago

    Elementary school students reap academic benefits when assigned to the same teachers for two years in a row, according to new research in the journal Economics of Education Review. 

  • Handling transitions 2 weeks ago

    As the school year ends, students and educators are faced with a transition. While summer may be eagerly anticipated, transitions are not easy for everyone.

  • You’ve earned this time to recharge 2 weeks ago

    Staying in fighting shape takes self-care. As educator and activist Audre Lorde reminded us, “You can’t fight from a place of fury all of the time.”

  • Trump blowing it on drug costs 2 weeks ago
    President Trump went back on his promise to have Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices as the most effective way to reduce prices.
  • Keep the admissions tests 2 weeks ago

    Although well-intentioned, Mayor de Blasio’s proposal to make admissions to New York’s specialized high schools more equitable — by removing the SHSAT and replacing it with a new admissions process based on the students’ rank in their middle school and their results on statewide tests — would lower academic standards.

  • Standardized testing fails 2 weeks ago
    My oldest granddaughter was in 7th grade this year and the younger one was in 4th.
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