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  • Family Child Care Providers meeting dates 4 days ago

    Attend one of the borough meetings coming up in the next few weeks. We'll provide important updates on issues affecting family child care providers including state and city legislation, upcoming contract negotiations and union-provided professional development opportunities.

  • Brooklyn Parent Newsletter - September 2017 6 days ago

    This is the Sept. 15 issue of the Brooklyn parent newsletter.

  • Bronx Parent Newsletter - September 2017 6 days ago

    This is the September 15 issue of the Bronx parent newsletter.

  • Conferences 1 week ago

    Learn about UFT conferences that offer professional learning opportunities.

  • Testimony regarding reporting from the Department of Education on Gender and Sexuality Alliances 1 week ago

    UFT Vice President for Academic High Schools Janella Hinds and UFT Director of Community and Parent Outreach Anthony Harmon testified before the City Council on Education regarding reporting from the Department of Education on Gender and Sexuality Alliances.

  • Vice President for Education School Visit Materials 1 week ago

    Find resources and information for the Vice President for Education.

  • Children Lose in Faulty Charter School Accounting 1 week ago

    Charters claim that they serve the same children as city public schools, but the truth is that they enroll and keep half the percentage of English Language Learners, dramatically fewer special education students, including those needing the highest level of intervention, and far fewer children who are homeless or in temporary housing.

  • Labor Day Parade 2017 1 week ago

    Nearly 600 UFT members proudly marched in the Labor Day Parade in Manhattan on Sept. 9 at a moment in U.S. history when workers' rights and benefits are under fierce attack.

  • Mulgrew visits PS 15, Manhattan 1 week ago

    UFT President Michael Mulgrew praised the staff of Manhattan’s PS 15 — which is in the Renewal School Program and continues to show progress — for “the great work that’s going on here” at an early-morning, pre-opening-of -school meeting on Sept. 6. He focused on the teamwork that has marked the school’s success.

  • Middle Schools Newsletter - September 2017 1 week ago

    Read about upcoming Middle School Division events and important information for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Q&A on 2017 SESIS payments to UFT members 1 week ago

    The following FAQ answers the most common questions that UFT members have about the $33 million being paid to members for SESIS work as a result of the settlement of a union arbitration.

  • Three educators, one opening day 1 week ago

    Meet a school counselor, a community school director and a 2nd-grade special education teacher as they kick off the new school year.

  • Larissa Loua, 2nd-grade ICT teacher 1 week ago

    It was Larissa Loua’s first year in an integrated co-teaching classroom. On opening day, she led a restorative circle to help her students build community and learn how to trust each other — key elements of a Positive Learning Collaborative school.

  • Allison Brown, community school director 1 week ago

    Allison Brown’s job is to help coordinate the school’s access to resources and partnerships that address our students’ needs. She got the ball rolling on opening day.

  • Steve Burrell, school counselor and chapter leader 1 week ago

    For school counselor Steve Burrell, the first day was all about program changes and updating programs. Trying to balance the focus on academics, Bedford Academy HS staff will use the PROSE program to make school more fun by creating clubs and activities.

  • World Trade Center health program 1 week ago

    The U.S. Department of Justice has revised the registration rules for victims of cancer and certain pulmonary illnesses to receive money from the Zadroga Victim Compensation Fund. The revisions open up an opportunity for those precluded under the original rules.

  • Back to school 2017 2 weeks ago

    From apprehensive kindergartners to self-assured seniors, 1.1 million public school proud students returned on Sept. 7 to more than 1,800 New York City schools, toting pencils, notebooks, memories of summertime fun and dreams of successes to come.

  • UFT helps win free lunch for all 2 weeks ago

    There is something new on the menu this school year: free lunch for all New York City public school students.

  • Welcome to the new school year 2 weeks ago

    Find out more about assessment materials for clinicians, increasing PD for social workers and psychologists and our contract.

  • West Indian Day Parade 2017 2 weeks ago

    Some 70 UFT educators and staffers, joined by parent activists, added to the pageantry that marked the 50th annual West Indian Day Parade along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn on Sept. 4.

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