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  • Hearing Education Services Update - November 2017 1 day ago

    Helpful information on makeup sessions, the issue of being assigned to too many sessions, training for Google Chromebooks, professional development and consultation.

  • Teachers Assigned Meet and Greet 2017 1 day ago

    More than 40 teachers assigned gathered at UFT headquarters on Nov. 9 to hear from UFT President Michael Mulgrew, meet UFT representatives and network with other members of the Teachers Assigned Chapter.

  • Union Proud 1 day ago

    The UFT is a strong union because of our membership. It’s why you have job security, teacher tenure, preparation periods, maximum teaching loads, premium-free healthcare and much more. Our enemies want to take all of this away from us. Now more than ever, we must stand together and take care of each other.

  • Donate water filters for families in Puerto Rico 2 days ago

    Most of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico still have no reliable source of safe drinking water. As we head into the holiday season, you can help by making a donation to Operation Agua.

  • Real danger behind Trump's reckless attacks 4 days ago

    Retired member Larry Hoffner sent this letter to the New York Times regarding Donald Trump.

  • Union power crushes constitutional convention 1 week ago

    New Yorkers had their say, and they said no — resoundingly — to a state constitutional convention on Nov. 8.

  • New Member Meet and Greet 2017 (Manhattan) 1 week ago

    New members in Manhattan gathered at UFT headquarters on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2017 to hear from UFT President Michael Mulgrew and gather information on salary, pension, certification, professional development and more.

  • Association of Foreign Language Teachers/UFT Conference 2017 1 week ago

    The New York City Association of Foreign Language Teachers/UFT reached a milestone this fall when it held its 20th annual professional conference, “Celebrating 20 Years of Promoting World Languages and Cultures,” on Saturday, Nov. 4. Nearly 300 teachers of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, German, Latin and other languages came to UFT headquarters for the conference.

  • Brooklyn Parent Conference 2017 1 week ago

    About 500 public school parents spent a busy day attending workshops and listening to speakers at the annual Brooklyn Parent Conference on Nov. 4.

  • Welcome to the new school year 1 week ago

    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! Here are a few chapter updates, including information about the Professional Issues Conference, the NYSUT School-Related Professionals Leadership Conference, and how you can get involved in UFT events.

  • Supervisors of Nurses and Therapists Chapter Newsletter - May 2017 1 week ago

    It is with great pleasure I bring to you our chapter’s spring newsletter. Please check out our chapter updates on the NYSUT school-related professionals conference, contractual raises, the NYSUT Representative Assembly, our functional chapter weekend, the Professional Issues Conference, National Nurses Week, upcoming national conferences and more.

  • We always have 'each other' 1 week ago

    The UFT has your back. That was the common thread running through the Teacher Union Day celebration on Nov. 5.

  • Fight for paid parental leave for UFT members 1 week ago

    UFT members spend their days nurturing and supporting children, yet the city’s current parental leave policy forces members to choose between their own children and their profession. It’s time that the city grants UFT members the paid parental leave they deserve. But we need your help to get it done.

  • Staten Island Parent Newsletter - November 2017 1 week ago

    This is the Nov. 7 issue of the Staten Island parent newsletter.

  • Brooklyn’s District 20 wins #PublicSchoolProud award 1 week ago

    District 20 came together to celebrate the arts in public school for the month of June. “District 20 is a large immigrant district. We have a huge immigrant population and a number of languages spoken,” Said District 20 Superintendent Karina Costantino.

  • UFT member Mindy Rosier wins #PublicSchoolProud award 1 week ago

    Mindy Rosier, a teacher at PS 811 in Manhattan, says she strives to be a “voice for the voiceless.” Watch her explain how she works to help her District 75 students both in the classroom as a teacher and out in the streets as an activist.

  • PS 370, Brooklyn, wins #PublicSchoolProud award 1 week ago

    PS 370, a District 75 school in Brooklyn, serves students with significant disabilities, and that requires some creative teaching. “Every child learns a completely different way from the student next to them,” says teacher Lisa Pines. The PS 370 teachers talk about how they helped their students use art to communicate why their school is so important.

  • Teacher Union Day 2017 1 week ago

    The UFT celebrated its 57th anniversary as a union at Teacher Union Day on Nov. 5, and sent the executive director of the UFT Welfare Fund, Artie Pepper, into retirement with the prestigious Charles Cogen Award.

  • PS 36, Bronx, wins #PublicSchoolProud award 1 week ago

    UFT members at PS 36 in the Bronx show the world why they’re #PublicSchoolProud — and what that means to their school. “From the administration down to the kitchen staff, everybody looks out for everybody,” says teacher and UFT chapter leader John Devanny.

  • PS 56, Staten Island, wins #PublicSchoolProud award 1 week ago

    “Everyone here at PS 56 is really public school proud,” says Susan Pulice, a teacher and chapter leader at the Staten Island school. Susan and her fellow members explain how they took to Twitter to share their pride.

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