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  • What are the requirements regarding the testing of lead in drinking water? 2 days ago
  • Results of the Education Officer exam 1 week ago

    The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has posted the results of the Education Officer exam on the DCAS website and will begin reaching out to Education Officers individually this week with their test scores.

  • Pride Committee 2 weeks ago
  • Mulgrew on mayoral control renewal 2 weeks ago

    UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to the news that lawmakers in Albany had reached a deal on the renewal of mayoral control.

  • Medicare Part B reimbursements for retirees 3 weeks ago

    Retirees who became Medicare-eligible in 2016 should have received the higher reimbursement of $121.80, but instead got only the base rate of $104.90. The city has put a priority on programming for the reimbursement differential amount so retirees will be made whole as quickly as possible.

  • Queens Parent Newsletter - June 23, 2017 3 weeks ago

    This is the June 23rd issue of the Queens parent newsletter.

  • Skipping classes adds up 3 weeks ago

    Absences due to skipping class add up. Most attendance statistics released to the public do not include time lost due to cutting classes, yet missing individual classes accounted for as many total missed days as full-day absences, according to new research in the journal AERA Open.

  • Obama-era protection for union organizing revoked 3 weeks ago

    The Labor Department will reverse an Obama-era rule requiring companies to disclose their initial contacts with outside consultants advising them about how to combat union-organizing efforts.

  • U.S. appeals court affirms transgender student’s rights 3 weeks ago

    The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin violated the rights of a transgender student, Ashton Whitaker, when it refused to let him use the boys’ bathroom.

  • Florida boosts charters at public schools’ expense 3 weeks ago

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into law on June 15 a sweeping and controversial education bill that diverts public money to privately run charter schools.

  • Kansas repeals tax cuts to fund schools 3 weeks ago

    Kansas lawmakers restored funding to the state’s cash-strapped public schools on June 6, overriding Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto to pass a bill repealing much of the governor’s signature tax cuts.

  • Charter schools perform worse when run for profit 3 weeks ago

    A new report has found that students in charter schools run by for-profit companies perform markedly worse than their peers in nonprofit charters.

  • Public School Proud 3 weeks ago

    We love our public schools. My sons got top-notch educations in New York City. My sons each attended excellent colleges and received academic scholarships.

  • Lookin’ good! 3 weeks ago

    The prom boutique [“Say yes to the dress,” June 1] was a great event.

  • FirstBook is first rate 3 weeks ago

    I attended the FirstBook event at PS 105 on June 10. Great event!

  • Budget benefits wealthy, not kids 3 weeks ago

    The proposed federal education budget isn’t about education. This is a tax break to the wealthy in disguise. Simple as that.

  • UFT co-sponsors prom boutique 3 weeks ago

    More than a thousand students from middle and high schools citywide came to UFT headquarters on May 25 for the annual Prom Boutique, where they chose outfits for their special nights.

  • Putting tired words to rest 3 weeks ago

    Our most over-used words are in these pockets, and writers can select a strip of synonyms to bring back to their seats.

  • Vote 'no' on constitutional convention 3 weeks ago

    UFT members’ pensions are among the many bene ts at risk if New Yorkers vote this fall to hold a constitutional convention. Vote “no” on Nov. 7. New York should not hold a state constitutional convention.

  • Pride March 2017 3 weeks ago

    UFT members joined the annual Pride March on June 25 to show their support for LGBTQ equality.

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