Union Resolutions

The UFT’s Delegate Assembly, the union’s largest decision-making body, debates and passes resolutions defining the union’s position on many issues. This section archives those resolutions.

The UFT endorses the April 15 national strike of fast food workers.

The UFT hereby honors this 55th anniversary of our union's founding and recognizes the members, officers and staff whose sacrifices over the years have made the union strong in the face of adversity and made it a model of effective and progressive unionism for all those we serve.

The UFT calls for a comprehensive and well-managed hearing screening program for school-age children across New York City.

The United Federation of Teachers calls upon the state to meet its constitutional obligations to students and fulfill its funding commitment under the CFE case, including paying the $2.5 billion owed to New York City schools and will continue to support the AQE campaign and additionally supports the lawsuit by New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights demanding sufficient funding for all students.

The UFT offers our deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of Officers Liu and Ramos and pledges to continue as always to work for peace in our communities and respect for all.

The UFT endorses the above solidarity statement of the Workers’ Economy conference in Mexico City and will send copies of this resolution to the relevant authorities in Mexico and the United States, as well as to the faculty and students of the Ayotzinapa Teachers College.

The UFT will continue to work with both the PFT and the American Federation of Teachers to call for a restoration of school funding in Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania, an end to the state’s attacks on educators and a commitment to repair the harm done to the city’s schools, students, families and teachers.

On this anniversary of the 1960 strike, we pay tribute to our founders and other members who through courage, loyalty, dedication and painstaking work made it possible for us to proclaim proudly today our membership in the United Federation of Teachers.

The United Federation of Teachers’ Delegate Assembly authorizes the Executive Board to consider, make or modify endorsements that will be recommended to NYSUT during the summer in order to have a timely impact on any such campaigns.

The United Federation of Teachers will work with the new administration to return to an equitable parking system, where spaces are not pre-allocated, and the UFT will push to have this improvement in working conditions in place as soon as possible and will publicize the appeals process for additional spaces.

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