Union Resolutions

The UFT’s Delegate Assembly, the union’s largest decision-making body, debates and passes resolutions defining the union’s position on many issues. This section archives those resolutions.

The United Federation of Teachers supports the extension and strengthening of rent regulations for New York City.

The United Federation of Teachers affirms the need to celebrate and honor the great achievements occurring on a daily basis in New York City schools due to the talent, dedication and hard work of UFT members together with their school communities.

The United Federation of Teachers’ Delegate Assembly authorizes the Executive Board to consider, make or modify endorsements during the summer.

The United Federation of Teachers joins with the American Federation of Teachers in calling attention to the current threat to the hugely successful and important Social Security and Medicare programs and stands ready to fight any attempt by the current majority leadership of the House and Senate to reduce these important benefits.

The United Federation of Teachers strongly supports the New York Health Act as a way to improve public health, boost the state’s economy and ensure that the basic right of quality health care is enjoyed by all New Yorkers.

The United Federation of Teachers strongly opposes right-to-work laws and will work with the American Federation of Teachers to fight against passage of such laws. The UFT will work with the AFT to urge the president and Congress to enact federal legislation requiring that workers who benefit from a union’s contract negotiations on their behalf must pay at least an agency fee to the union.

The United Federation of Teachers will proudly participate in the 2015 Gay Pride March in New York City.

The United Federation of Teachers strongly opposes the governor’s proposed education tax credit and will work vigorously against its passage.

The United Federation of Teachers calls on the Board of Regents to hold public hearings in New York City as a means of engaging educators and the public in the implementation of the mandated changes to the teacher evaluation system.

The UFT opposes the disproportionate impact of any test in relation to its educational value, supports the right of parents and guardians to choose to opt their child out of standardized tests, calls for all state-mandated assessments used in New York City to be diagnostic and informative tools for educators, calls on the state to break the monopoly of Pearson Education Corp. on testing in our state, condemns Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ill-conceived proposal to increase the weight of standardized tests in teacher evaluation and will continue to lobby at the state and federal levels to ensure the appropriate use of assessments.

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