Manhattan Borough Office Representatives

Dwayne Clark Dwayne Clark Manhattan Borough Representative
Dennis Gault Dennis Gault District 1
Jessica Harvey Jessica Harvey District 2
Elizabeth Espert Elizabeth Espert District 3
Servia Silva Servia Silva District 4
Zina Burton-Myrick Zina Burton-Myrick District 5
Mayra Cruz Mayra Cruz District 6
Patricia Crispino Patricia Crispino District 79
Alice O'Neill Alice O'Neill High School District Representative
Wilma Velazquez Wilma Velazquez Special Representative
Winnie Thompson Special Representative for Small High Schools
Briget Rein Brigit Rein Special Representative
Don Albright, Jr. Don Albright, Jr. Special Representative
Parniece Richardson Parniece Richardson Special Representative
Pedro Serrano Pedro Serrano Special Representative
District 75 Field Representative: Michael Santos Michael Santos Field Representative
Ilyana Frias Ilyana Frias District 75 Field Representative
Yasmin McDowell Yasmin McDowell MBO Office Manager
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