VP for Education

VP for Education Catalina R. Fortino Catalina R. Fortino is vice president for education and the director of the UFT Teacher Center, where her broad experience in professional development, curriculum, assessments and program development helps advance the teaching profession. Catalina received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education and her master’s degree in Special Education and Bilingual Education from Queens College. She also studied Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College.

Catalina has distinguished herself among the educators who specialize in school reform for high-needs schools throughout New York City. Included in her work were: facilitating teams’ analysis of school data as preparation for creating school improvement plans; facilitating the implementation and modification of Comprehensive Education Plans with school leadership teams; providing technical assistance and professional development in organizational change, curriculum and teaching strategies.

She is ideally suited for her most recent role, helping spearhead the union’s efforts to effectuate a framework for assessing teacher practice that is supportive and developmental for our members. Catalina also continues to oversee the professional development and support for focus and priority schools.

Catalina was an early childhood teacher, a teacher of bilingual early childhood special education and a bilingual educational evaluator before entering the field of professional development. She is an experienced program developer in the area of English language learning, having also many years of classroom teaching of — and education evaluation for — English Language Learners in general education and those with special-needs.

She has been the chair of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) Bilingual Committee of Practitioners, the co-chair of the New York State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching, a member of the New York State Committee of Title I Practitioners and a member of the AFT English Language Learners Taskforce.

Catalina, who has worked with the Teacher Center for more than 15 years, became the assistant director in 2009 before assuming the role of director in 2011.

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