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A union of professionals

A union of professionals

Don't defund our schools 3up

Fight the mayor's budget cuts

We must mobilize to fight these damaging cuts to our schools and expose their harm to our students.

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Union Rights and Benefits

Health Benefits

UFT members are entitled to premium-free health insurance.


UFT members earn pay increases based on experience thanks to the bargaining power of the union.


A defined-benefit pension will provide guaranteed monthly payments from the day you retire for the rest of your life.


Through the strength of collective bargaining, the union has negotiated contracts that protect the rights of its members.

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As a union member, you'll have access to valuable benefits and gain a voice in your professional life.

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When I became a full-time teacher, my salary did not reflect my prior experience. The UFT helped me file a grievance...

Image of a woman
Leah Clinton
Teacher at PS 161 in Brooklyn

I am so happy and relieved that UFT’s Student Debt Relief Program helped me get $62,865 in loans waived...

A Black woman wearing a tan headband and hoop earrings stands in front of a bulletin board
Shalca Nelson
3K and pre-K instructional coordinator in Brooklyn

I had to be sure the classroom was safe. It was becoming a dangerous situation until the UFT stepped in...

Woman standing next to classroom easel
Tricia Donnelly
Pre-K teacher at PS/IS 127 in East Elmhurst, Queens
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