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Having trouble verifying your identity?

• Make sure you have already enrolled with the UFT. You can enroll in the union as an active member on the UFT website.
• If you are newly hired, have you have received a paycheck from your employer? If not, we may not yet be unable to identify you by the information you have entered. Please try verifying your identity once you have received a paycheck from your employer. You can still join the Union or the Welfare Fund, you may have to wait until we can verify your employment and identity.
• Please use the first and last name that is shown on your paycheck. Some members enroll with a different name than what shows on their paychecks. We store the "pay name" in our membership system, as well as the name with which you enrolled.
• If you have recently moved and have not yet updated your addressed with the membership department or Welfare Fund, please use the previous zip code where you resided. If you have not given the membership department or Welfare Fund any address, you will not be able to verify your identity until an address is on file.
• If you are still having trouble verifying your identity, please contact the membership department at 212-598-6855 or Welfare Fund at 212-539-0500.