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Friday, June 9, will be a remote workday for all DOE employees due to the unhealthy air quality. It will be a remote-instruction day for students scheduled to be in attendance.

FAQ on Mandated Counseling

What are a student’s mandates based on?

A student’s mandates for services should always be based on his/her most updated IEP. If a guidance counselor does not have a student’s IEP, the counselor should consult his/her School-based Support Team.

A guidance counselor has already called a student’s start date into IVR. Why is the student still appearing on the SEC report as still awaiting services?

One of two possibilities could have occurred:

  1. The student may have multiple mandates and each should be called in separately.
  2. The mandate that the guidance counselor called in does not match what is stated in IVR.

What should a guidance counselor do when a student’s mandates does not match what is in IVR?

The guidance counselor should confirm that the mandates for a student stated in CAPS matches what he/she called into IVR. If it does not correspond, the guidance counselor should consult the School-based Support Team to ensure that the student’s mandates as stated in his/her IEP is correctly reflected in CAPS.

Will the guidance counselor need to call in a first attend date again if he/she called it in already based on a student’s IEP, but had to backtrack to make corrections in CAPS?

No. But if the guidance counselor called in an incorrect mandate, he/she should make the necessary corrections in CAPS and also call IVR again with the student’s first attend date.

What if a student’s mandate in his/her IEP is correct in CAPS and IVR is still not accepting the student’s first attend date?

The guidance counselor should contact IVR Support at or 718-935-5100 with the school DBN and district, the student’s OSIS #, the student’s first and last name, and date of last attempt at entry.

Why is a graduated or discharged student still appearing on the SEC report as awaiting mandated counseling in the school?

The student’s information was likely not updated in CAPS. The guidance counselor should confirm that the student has actually graduated or been discharged and then consult their School-based Support Team to have the student’s information corrected in CAPS.