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Random Moment Time Study

This information was provided to cluster leaders and networks:

In early April 2012 the State of New York will begin to survey randomly selected speech teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses regarding time they spend providing IEP-mandated related services to students. The state is undertaking the survey to develop summary data in support of its Medicaid-in-Education program; no provider-specific survey data will be shared with the DOE.

Upon selection for participation in the survey, therapists and nurses will receive an email at their DOE email address with a link to a web survey concerning the staff member's activity on a specified day and time. Networks and District 75 should ensure that all therapists have a DOE email account and advise therapists to monitor their email at least every three days so that they can provide the requested information. School Health should follow the same procedure for nurses. See more information about the process.

The state estimates that most clinicians will be surveyed once per year (nurses will be surveyed more frequently).

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