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Frequently Asked Questions - Teachers Assigned

As part of the DOE's 2020-2021 reopening plan, many Teachers Assigned have been redeployed into teaching roles. Here are some frequently asked questions about redeployment for the 2020-2021 school year:

What is the time and attendance protocol for temporarily redeployed Teachers Assigned?

There are no changes to the length of the workday for staff redeployed to schools (regardless of title). The specific work hours may be adjusted to meet the needs of the school community but must remain consistent once adjusted.
There is no change to timekeeping procedures. Principals should not be asked to sign timesheets for redeployed staff. Where appropriate, timesheets are to be given to and signed by the supervisor that was responsible for the employee prior to redeployment. If Cybershift was used in the teacher assigned's prior assignment, it should continue to be used. No additional verification by a principal is required.
Teachers assigned are covered by the terms of the recent memorandum of agreement signed by the DOE and UFT. In accordance with that agreement, UFT-represented members can work remotely if the work is suitable to be done remotely and students are not in the building, if all the students the UFT-represented employee is responsible for are not in the building or if the UFT-represented employee has no responsibility for any students who are in the building. Supervisors may require in-person UFT-represented employees to remain on-site if needed.
DOE is currently in negotiations with CSA and DC37 and will provide updated information if and when it becomes available.
If assistance or clarity is needed, please contact Senior Field Counsel or the Office of Labor Relations.

Can redeployed teachers assigned participate in parent-teacher conferences?

Teachers assigned who have been temporarily redeployed to schools to teach during the pandemic do not have parent-teacher conferences as part of their regular schedule. Any redeployed teacher assigned who participates in evening parent teacher conferences is entitled to 2.5 hours of comp time. The manner in which that comp time is disbursed will be determined by the principal in consultation with the teacher assigned.  Some suggestions on how to do this include not requiring a redeployed teacher assigned to attend instructional coordination for five days, leaving early on a given day, or missing office hours on approved days for a total of 2.5 hours. 

The above is only for those redeployed Teachers Assigned who participate in evening parent teacher conferences after the end of their regular workday.

Can redeployed Teachers Assigned participate in per session activities?

Per session is at the discretion of the SBL. You many negotiate your hours with the SBL in order to participate in per session activities. If your SBL asks you to work during an after school per session activity that occurs during our central work hours, you will not get paid. Choose activities that can happen either before or after our work hours.

Here are some frequently asked questions for Teachers Assigned.

What are the conditions of employment of Teachers Assigned?

Teachers Assigned are considered central DOE staff and so when schools are closed for inclement weather Teachers Assigned must report for their jobs. The UFT continues to advocate for a change in this policy!

What are the work hours of Teachers Assigned?

Teachers Assigned work 37.5 hours per week with a daily 30-minute lunch. The workday is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise specified in the assignment.

How does someone obtain a job classified as a Teacher Assigned?

A pedagogue applies to a Teacher Assigned vacancy announcement, better known as a posting. The posting describes the eligibility criteria as well as the duties and responsibilities of the job and the work schedule.

What are the seniority rights of a Teacher Assigned?

Once selected through the application process, a Teacher Assigned becomes part of a seniority "pool" generated by the vacancy announcement. All Teachers Assigned who obtained jobs through that or a similar posting become part of one seniority pool for the purpose of excessing regardless of when they applied and began the job. Seniority within the pool is based on total time within the DOE system, not within the specific job.

When a TA is selected for a job in a program, the Teacher Assigned is in the program's seniority pool regardless of the payroll source.

At the end of his or her assignment to a district office or central headquarters, a Teacher Assigned has the right to return to the district from which she was assigned. A Teacher Assigned who requests a return to her former position within one year or at the end of the assignment will be returned to her former school in accordance with her seniority.

Are sick days and vacation days accumulated during my employment?

Sick days and vacation days are treated differently.

A Teacher Assigned "A" or "B" earns 10 sick days per work year. If they are not used during a specific work year, they are carried over from one year to the next, accumulating in one's Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR).

A Teacher Assigned "B" also has 31 vacation days allocated for the work year. If they are not used during a specific work year, they are not carried over from one year to the next.

Who is responsible for keeping my personnel file?

Your personnel file is kept by your payroll secretary. In the past, only attendance data followed you when changing jobs. Now your personnel file in its entirety follows you. Remember that you have the right to review your file and to question anything which you have not previously seen. Everything in the file is considered part of your permanent record.

Do I receive an annual rating like I did when I was a teacher on a school payroll?

Yes. Each June, your supervisor is required to issue a rating, the Annual Professional Performance Review (Form BE / 9955). This rating sheet for all tenured teachers is to be issued "within the last ten days of each school year and not fewer than four school days prior to the close thereof..." It should itemize only personal identifying information, annual salary, number of days in the Cumulative Absence Reserve and the rating. Section #1 should be left blank when the rating is "satisfactory."

Teachers Assigned are not covered by the new teacher evaluation and development system that was introduced in the 2013-14 school year and are still covered by the S/U rating system. See more information about the S/U rating system.

Appeals may be submitted in writing to the Executive Director, Division of Human Resources, with a copy to the Rating Officer, within three weeks from the receipt of the rating, exclusive of summer vacation.

Do Teachers Assigned receive Teacher's Choice funding?

No. Teacher’s Choice is currently allocated to those classroom teachers who work directly with students. However, some of your out-of-pocket expenses may be tax deductible. See more information about tax deductions.

What are the rules regarding sick days?

Many members are confused or have mistaken ideas about the regulations governing sick days. Some have found themselves disciplined — in a few publicized instances, quite severely — when they misused their sick days. To avoid such problems, see the Absences section of the website to read about sick days and how you may use them in accordance with the contract.