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UFT functional chapters

Functional chapters are so named because what unites these student-support professionals is their function rather than a worksite or a school. The chapters were formed to allow these UFT members with common issues and concerns to have a voice.

Woman with a winter coat on performing American sign language

Kathleen Taylor, American Sign Language interpreter

Kathleen Taylor is an American Sign Language interpreter for the city Department of Education, providing interpreting services for students, staff and parents at meetings and events such as parent-teacher conferences and suspension hearings. 

Students interact with a child care provider at a day care

UFT wins contract as child care network provider

The UFT has won a city contract as a network provider to coordinate the work of home-based family child care providers. The new network expands the union’s advocacy on behalf of these workers.

A zoom screenshot of a LearnUFT event

LearnUFT courses remain remote through school year

The union’s LearnUFT courses provide low-cost professional development and Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) hours for UFT members.

A group of teachers show off the food they've collected for chariy

UFT steps up for city communities

The UFT and its members step up to help communities hurt by the pandemic by helping deliver food to those in need and by donating coats to children in shelters.


Polly Spain, Pathways to Graduation teacher

A teacher talks about working in the Pathways to Graduation program, an alternative high school program that helps students ages 17 to 21 earn their High School Equivalency (HSE) Diplomas.

Delegates hold up on their pink cards to approve a resolution.

DA approves 4 resolutions

The Delegate Assembly overwhelmingly approved four resolutions at its Nov. 18 meeting, which took place via conference call.

A zoom screenshot of RTC members

'Fantastic journey' awaits course-takers

There has been a surge in registration for Si Beagle courses as classes switch from on-site to online and retirees become remote learners.

Tom Murphy

Transfer of power

RTC Chapter Leader Tom Murphy says the long wait for an outcome in the presidential election has been worth it. "I look for Biden to express the best we as a nation have to offer," he says.

A teacher smiles at her workspace with her kitchen in the background

Kristina L. Pillmeier, school psychologist

School psychologist Kristina Pillmeier assesses and evaluates students’ needs and how they affect their performance in the classroom and their experience in the school environment, then refers them for support services if necessary.