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Whereas,  the 1.5 increase in COLA Social Security recipients received in January is very inadequate to say the least and lacking in reality.  Costs have gone up beyond 1.5 this year for everyone but especially for seniors.  Seniors incur costs in medical, dental and drug expenses that others do not. The answer to the COLA issue is not less but more; therefore be it

Whereas,  this COLA is known as Consumer Price Index-E (C.P.I.e.) Senator Harkin has introduced a bill to provide for C.P.I.e.  We need to support and fight for it

Resolved  that we get behind the need to expand the C.P.I.e. COLA to make up for the increased costs of necessities seniors incur; and be it further

Resolved  that we keep up the struggle to protect the benefits we have earned as well as to keep up with the true cost of living.