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WHEREAS, we cringe when we hear the word entitlements associated with Social Security and Medicare.  How these programs came to be called entitlements we do not know, but it was the wrong word when first used and continues to be the wrong word today.

They are not entitlements.  They are hard earned benefits.  Working people contribute toward their benefits over a life time of work.

We have heard it said that retirees are getting more in benefits than they have paid for.  The answer to this charge is that Social Security and Medicare are like insurance policies.  Some people will benefit more due to a long life span while some will benefit less or not at all because of a death at an early age.

As we fight to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare as we know them, we must always remember that we have earned and sacrificed for the benefits we receive.  Nothing has even been given to us on a silver platter.  Our benefits must never be taken away, diminished or changed into private plans.

RESOLVED, it is time to do away with the use of the  word entitlements.  Earned benefits we have worked a life time for and have made sacrifices for are not entitlements.