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Opposition to means testing of Medicare Part D

Approved by the Retired Teachers Chapter on March 18, 2008. 

WHEREAS President Bush has proposed the means testing of Part D under Medicare; and

WHEREAS Retirees earning over $82,000 would pay as much as three times or more the current premium; and

WHEREAS Many recipients of Medicare are on fixed incomes and will gradually come to find it increasingly difficult to meet higher premiums as inflation eats into their incomes; and

WHEREAS There is no guarantee that the income level would remain the same over time and not lowered significantly therefore be it

WHEREAS That means testing would eventually result in the middle class leaving Medicare for less expensive plans thus jeopardizing the existence of Medicare since Medicare cannot survive without middle class support and be it further

WHEREAS It is hypocritical of President Bush to try to means test Part D while supporting overpayments to private health plans and be it finally

RESOLVED That we oppose means testing of Part D just as we oppose means testing of Part B since means testing unfairly penalizes the middle class who cannot be considered among the wealthy and be it further

RESOLVED That we continue our opposition to means testing and conduct an appropriate campaign.