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Opposition to the taxing of health benefits

Passed by the Retired Teachers’ Chapter membership meeting on May 19, 2009 and now goes to the Delegate Assembly of the UFT.

WHEREAS Max Baucus, powerful Democratic chairperson of the Senate Finance Committee, and other officials according to the NY Times are thinking of proposing a tax on health benefits and

WHEREAS health benefits are the result of negotiations between employers and employees in collective bargains resulting in employees giving up certain benefits to secure other benefits such as employer provided health benefits and

WHEREAS Senator John McCain made a similar proposal in his campaign for the presidency which unions vehemently opposed and

WHEREAS a tax on health benefits means a substantial increase in taxes for the middle class who are already paying their fair share of taxes and

WHEREAS the taxing of health benefits could result in individuals giving up their health benefits in whole or in part which would be counter productive to the interest of our society, therefore be it

RESOLVED that we reiterate our long standing policy in opposition of the taxing of our health benefits and be it further

RESOLVED that we join with NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO and other groups in opposition to the taxing of health benefits.