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Resolution to fix the system for forming unions (Employee Free Choice Act)

Passed by the Retired Teachers’ Chapter membership meeting on December 16, 2008

WHEREAS organized labor has historically brought workers into the middle class through unions negotiations for good wages, pensions and health benefits; and

WHEREAS the opposition to forming unions has become sophisticated, strong and well funded and is using illegal tactics to harass, intimidate and fire workers who are attempting to organize unions; and

WHEREAS the current federal labor law, the National Labor Relations Act has allowed companies to stall the formation of unions by imposing weak penalties against companies using union busting tactics: and

WHEREAS the Employee Free Choice act fixes the broken system by:

  • strengthening the penalties against companies breaking the law during organizing and first contract negotiation (civil penalties up to $20,000 per violation, triple back pay for employees dismissed for union activity)
  • removing current barriers that prevent workers from forming unions by allowing unions to be formed and certified once employees sign cards of authorization
  • guaranteeing workers a contract based on timely procedures
    • 90 days for collective bargaining,
    • 30 days for mediation if needed,
    • binding arbitration as a last step; and be it

RESOLVED that the United Federation of Teachers strongly supports labor’s efforts in urging the Congress and the Senate to pass the employee free choice act; and be it finally

RESOLVED that President elect Obama who voted for this act as a Senator and campaigned for it, sign it into law.