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Retired Teachers Chapter News

Money (generic)

Retiree lump-sum payment

In accordance with the 2014 UFT contract, all UFT-represented employees who worked from 2009 to 2018 (or a portion of that period) received a lump-sum payment in October 2019. The payment represents 25 percent of the money owed in 2018. There will be one more payment in October 2020.

Elderly man and woman sitting next to each other smiling while woman speaks on the phone

Hospital Stay in Touch program provides ‘angels’ for members

More than 100 retirees who were hospitalized last year received a daily, reassuring phone call from a geriatric social worker as part of the extensive support system the union’s Retiree Social Services provides for UFT retirees across the country and their family members.

Women and men sitting at a table with a red checkered tablecloth

Atlanta fits some retirees to a ‘Tea’

Atlanta retirees have their calendars marked for this year’s annual meeting scheduled for Nov. 14 at Merry Mac’s Tea Room.

Three men surrounded by stacks of books

Trio teaches those seeking citizenship

Three Tottenville HS retirees are doing what they do best — teaching. But this time around, their students are immigrants preparing for U.S. citizenship.

Hand holding a syringe pulling vaccination

SHIP 2020 premium notices

The Supplemental Health Insurance Program’s 2020 premium notices will be sent in early January to retirees who have not elected to pay premiums via automatic pension deduction.

As previously advised, retirees who are eligible for automatic deduction but do not elect to have it will be charged a $30 administrative fee in addition to the premium.

NY Voters

Make your voice heard

Some of us feel surrounded by angry, self-proclaimed, in-your-face assertions of populous democratic rights, but too often with nary a drop to acknowledge and nurture the great tradition of enlightened democratic achievement that organized labor and its progressive political allies fought to enshrine in our social contract over the last century.

The albatross? You decide.

Women in a dance line wearing blue shirts and white pants

Stepping out

After 31 years in the classroom as a life science teacher, Kim McCarthy has traded in her microscopes and lesson plans for the Wobble, the Cupid Shuffle and Booty Call. McCarthy signed up for salsa and belly dancing classes at the Bronx Si Beagle Center, but was always on the lookout for an urban line dancing class. When she didn’t find one, she created one that has grown into two Si Beagle classes.

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Florida courses canceled

All Florida courses have been canceled for October, November and December due to construction.

New Jersey group ‘growing fast’

Judy Rosenstein is “excited” about the challenges facing her as the new leader of the RTC’s New Jersey Section and about “pulling together” as many of the 4,750 UFT retirees living in New Jersey as she can. “With 55-and-over communities springing up all over the state,” she pointed out, “we are growing fast.”