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Operational issues

The 2018 DOE-UFT contract creates a new way for school chapter leaders and their chapters to fight for improvements in professional development, curriculum and basic instructional supplies — which now include paper and assessment materials. Functional chapter leaders can use the same mechanism to address issues of workload and inadequate space.

In February 2018, the DOE and the UFT drafted a set of systemwide standards for operational purposes. Read the systemwide standards »

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What is an operational issue?

  • Paperwork - Paper or electronic
  • Curriculum
  • Professional Development
    • Each school (and program functioning as a school) shall form a School-Based Staff Development Committee (“SDC”).
    • The SDC includes the chapter leader and is composed of an equal number of members selected by the chapter leader and the principal, respectively.
    • The responsibility of the SDC is to collaboratively review, consider and develop the school-based professional development that is offered during the PD block.
    • PD should be relevant to all participating staff members, and support pedagogical practices and programs at the school
    • PD should be reasonable to prepare and complete during the PD block.
  • Basic instructional supplies
    • Appropriate and sufficient basic instructional supplies and books in order to deliver an effective educational program, including but not limited to paper, testing materials, assessments and books
  • Workload of UFT-represented employees who are not classroom teachers or paraprofessionals.
  • Space for proper performance of UFT-represented employees' job duties; includes any space requirements in an applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Resolving operational issues

For all operational issues, the resolution process begins at the school level. Issues may then be escalated first to the district committee and then to the central committee. For issues regarding paperwork, curriculum, professional development and basic instructional supplies, the final level is arbitration; for workload and space issues, the final level is the DOE chancellor and the UFT president.

  1. Resolving operational issues at the school level
  2. Escalation to the district committee
  3. Escalation to the central committee