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Resolving operational issues at the school level

Chapter leaders may attempt to resolve issues with the principal/supervisor through:

  • Consultation committee meetings
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Email notification to the principal/supervisor

When requesting a resolution to an operational issue from your principal:

  1. State the issue
  2. Explain the violation
  3. Provide the principal/supervisor with all relevant documentation
  4. State the specific resolution your staff is requesting
  5. There are five school days to resolve issue before it will be escalated to the district committee.

When reporting an operational issue to the UFT:

  • Complete this online form as soon as you have reported the issue to your principal
  • Include details of the operational issue and who is affected
  • Provide relevant supporting documentation
  • Once the form is submitted online, the DR, the borough rep and UFT leadership will receive copies