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There has been some confusion regarding initial speech and language evaluations. As a rule, speech teachers do not have the time to provide complete initial evaluations at their schools. They should be done during a per-session activity after school or on weekends. The DOE decided to remove our full-time speech evaluators several years ago. We believe that was a mistake that continues to be problematic to the evaluation system.

We should be providing progress reports and assessment during our professional assignment for triennials and re-evaluation. Most of us do not have enough tests or time to do an initial evaluation. However, if you are given time or money for this activity at your school then you can decide what is best for you, the school and potential students.

Speech teachers may have the time to do an occasional screening but the priorities are mandated students and doing the assessments for your own caseload. Don’t give your services away; as a professional you should be paid for your time.