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How are my dues calculated?

For most members, dues are automatically withheld from paychecks. They are currently set to .85 of one percent of the maximum contractual salary of your title at Step 8B plus 20-year longevity, plus added amounts for the union’s state and national affiliates. So, all the members who are teachers are paying based on the teachers’ salary schedule, all the school secretaries are paying based on the secretaries’ schedule, etc. The exception is paraprofessionals, who pay half the dues of teachers. Members of the UFT Retired Teachers Chapter who joined the chapter on or after July 1, 1984 have a dues rate equal to .4% of their pension. In general, members who do not have the step and lane salary structure like teachers or who are not DOE employees pay dues around .85% of salary, plus the pass-throughs. Dues change as a result of salary changes or revisions to the pass-through. Changes and the entire schedule of dues are published annually in the New York Teacher.