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UFT Contracts * Recommended
The current contract for every bargaining unit represented by the UFT is now available on Each contract is fully searchable, but you must be a member of a UFT bargaining unit and be logged onto the UFT website to have access to it. A PDF version of each contract is also available.
All Contracts — PDF Versions * Recommended
The print-friendly PDF version of every contract involving a UFT bargaining unit is available here.
Contract 2018: A Contract That Empowers Educators * Recommended
Our proposed contract agreement with the DOE, which was announced on Oct. 11, 2018, recognizes your hard work and dedication and empowers us to improve the teaching and learning conditions in our schools so we can provide the best possible education to our students.
Laboratory Health and Safety * Recommended
Here are some resources compiled by the UFT Safety and Health Department related to laboratory safety and inspection, chemical waste management and chemical storage.
Lab Specialists Chapter * Recommended
Welcome to our chapter's section of the UFT website. Here you'll find our contract, the latest chapter news, information about upcoming events, and important resources and forms to help you do your job.
Laboratory Specialists and Laboratory Technicians

lab-specialist-technicians-contract-2007-2009.pdf June 28, 2016 - 4:41pm (laboratory specialists and laboratory technicians) (Contract) ...
Salary Schedules for 2009-2018 Contract - Lab Tech

lab-specialist-technicians-contract-2009-2018.pdf May 31, 2016 - 2:57pm ...
Laboratory Specialists and Laboratory Technicians: Article Ten — Leaves

of sick bank days for laboratory specialists and laboratory technicians who contract Hepatitis B ... as a regular substitute or appointed laboratory specialist or laboratory technician. Unused sick leave ... or an appointed laboratory specialist or laboratory technician. Employees on regular appointment who exhaust ...
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