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UFT Contracts * Recommended
The current contract for every bargaining unit represented by the UFT is now available on Each contract is fully searchable, but you must be a member of a UFT bargaining unit and be logged onto the UFT website to have access to it. A PDF version of each contract is also available.
All Contracts — PDF Versions * Recommended
The print-friendly PDF version of every contract involving a UFT bargaining unit is available here.
Contract 2018: A Contract That Empowers Educators * Recommended
Our proposed contract agreement with the DOE, which was announced on Oct. 11, 2018, recognizes your hard work and dedication and empowers us to improve the teaching and learning conditions in our schools so we can provide the best possible education to our students.
Welcome to the Paraprofessionals Chapter * Recommended
Find here resources, the latest news and upcoming events for the Paraprofessionals Chapter.
Qualifications for employment as a full-time paraprofessional * Recommended
The New York State Education Department and the New York City Department of Education requires all educational paraprofessionals hired after Feb. 1, 2004 to have certain qualifications.
UFT survey finds city successful in reducing some oversize classes to contract limits

to be done." "In 2007 the Legislature, as part of the state's Contract for Excellence, promised ... contract are the only legally enforceable mechanism for lowering class size in New York City. The UFT filed ... of school since 2009. New York City’s public schools had 5,485 overcrowded ...
Misleading press report on pension system

calendar September: Newly appointed pedagogues and paraprofessionals should file TRS enrollment ... year with a new contract that increases our salaries, gives us a greater voice in our own professional ... greed, the stock market crashed beginning in the fall of 2007 and did not stop its downhill slide until ...
Teachers Contract: Article Twenty-Two — Grievance Procedure

not been resolved, the complainant shall file a grievance with the Superintendent no later than the 10th ... be filed by the Union directly with the Executive Director of the Division of Human Resources. ... be filed within a reasonable time not to exceed three months after the employee has knowledge of the act ...
Paraprofessionals Contract: Article Three — Rates of Pay

after 15 years of paraprofessional service. Effective school year 2007-2008, all paraprofessional longevities are to be included as part of gross annual salary rates. Effective May 19, ... year after five (5) years of paraprofessional service until they have completed fifteen (15) years ...
Testimony on charter schools

Education Committee April 6, 2009 - ... ways which can be replicated on scale. The school-based contract we have negotiated for Amber Charter ... in September 2009. Two of these three schools — PS 150 and PS 194 — were in good standing with the New York ...
Laboratory Specialists and Laboratory Technicians: Article Ten — Leaves

accumulated as a paraprofessional shall be transferable to the employee’s “bank” as a regular substitute, ... electing to file a claim under the Workers’ Compensation Law may receive full pay for the first five days ... of sick bank days for laboratory specialists and laboratory technicians who contract Hepatitis B ...
School Secretaries Contract : Article Eleven — Leaves

sick leave accumulated as a paraprofessional shall be transferable to the school secretary’s “bank” ... bank days for secretaries who contract Hepatitis B as a result of working with children who have been ... of this contract shall receive termination pay calculated on the same basis.  This paragraph shall not apply ...
Teachers Contract: Article Seven — Programs, Assignments and Teaching Conditions in Schools and Programs

requires contracting the staff at one site and expanding staff at another site, the Board will first seek volunteers who wish to transfer from the contracting site to the expanding site. The senior qualified ... of new sites. Regularly appointed teachers may file preference requests for reassignments to such sites ...
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